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Here’s why Instagram has not killed Snapchat3 min read

3 min read

It’s been a little over two months since Instagram launched their ‘Stories’ feature, which sent the internet into a frenzy of speculation over the future of Snapchat (check out our blog on it here). The speculation was with good reason too, as Instagram had taken (a literal copy) of one of the main features of Snapchat and added it to their popular photo sharing social network.

Snapchat went about their business fairly quietly during the days following the launch of Instagram Stories. In a smart move, they released news of new advertising deals with global networks and brands – which was no doubt an effort to quell any unrest amongst agencies and companies ploughing their advertising dollars into the platform.

Instagram stories snapchat stories

Many predicted the imminent death of Snapchat following the Instagram Stories release, and many still think that Snapchat is doomed to fail vs Instagram in the long term. But for the moment all bets are off as Snapchat isn’t out of the running just yet…

Celebrity status

 Snapchat was propelled to even further heights than they would have imagined by the mainstream attention given to certain celebrities’ Snapchat Stories, which in turn has helped these stars reach a whole new demographic and a new level of fame.


DJ Khaled is perhaps the biggest celebrity success story on Snapchat to date. The hip-hop producer now has a cult following that has landed him movie roles, endorsement deals and a management deal with Jay-Z. On a slightly more sour note, Kim Kardashian’s recent run in with armed raiders in Paris was ‘blamed’ on her consistent snaps of expensive diamonds and jewellery.

These celebs bring their fans with them to a platform, and with Snapchat already having a user base made up of young millennials and gen z’s – it makes sense why the lure of celebrities keeps users on Snapchat.

Take a look at Google Trends and you can see the influence that celebrity Snapchatters have on its popularity level.

Google Trends

Those filters though

If you don’t know about Snapchat filters, you have probably been living under a rock. I lose count of the number of photos I’ve seen on Facebook that have been taken with a Snapchat filter. The filters range from the ridiculous to the sublime. One filter in particular captured the hearts of Snapchatters everywhere – the ‘butterfly crown’ filter that makes just about anyone look like a million dollars.

Butterfly Crown

This use of augmented reality is a big draw for users. Make no mistake about it, if these kind of facial filters appear on Instagram anytime soon – some of the Snapchat naysayers could be a littler closer to their predication of Snapchat’s demise.

The audience

Snapchat remains THE social media platform to reach a very young demographic. Cadbury recently dropped off an eye watering amount of budget to promote ‘Crunchie’ to Snapchatters, fully integrating with the platforms filters feature.

Crunchie Snapchat


This audience demographic is the lifeblood of Snapchat and the core of the user base. Some of them went straight to Snapchat and bypassed Instagram, and so long as Snapchat keeps ahead of the game on features and user experience – they will keep them engaged.

Social media boxes

The reality for Instagram is that it has been placed in a box, just the same as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. The difference is the blurred lines between Instagram and Snapchat. These boxes are metaphorical and represent the mind state of a user. Here’s an example:

Facebook for personal life events, Twitter for news, Instagram for inspirational photos and Snapchat for live and in the moment.

Snapchat have carved out a niche with an audience – fun, fast and ‘snappy’ snippets of life, but Instagram are muscling in on this, without any apology. The launch of Instagram Stories as a blatant copy of Snapchat shows this – but it’s safe for say that Snapchat is alive and kicking.

Instagram hasn’t killed Snapchat, but it’s not through a lack of trying.

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