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How Can Bloggers Help Promote My Brand?5 min read

5 min read

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Why are bloggers important?

If content is king then word of mouth is queen. With that in mind, bloggers are the ultimate online resource in promoting your content. With a loyal and trusting following they deliver expertise and advice that can reach an audience as vast as the Australian desert.

 “The currency of blogging is authenticity and trust.”

                                               – Jason Calacanis

They reign over the internet kingdom with panache and passion about the topics they write about. As a result bloggers are increasingly influential and connect with their readership on a more personal, informal level. This can do wonders for branding; blogs were found to be the third (31%) most influential digital resource when making a purchase (Technorati reports).

Additionally, bloggers have a huge internet presence. ‘Huge’ is an understatement for some bloggers. For example, theshutterstock_103004372 Queen of the blogosphere, Zoella has over 3 million followers on Twitter and 2 million fans on Facebook. Can you imagine the magic she could do by talking about your brand?  Hence, pairing an influential blogger with your business and getting them talking about your product/service allows for maximum brand exposure. It also allows you to enter their online community which increases reach. This is great for your PR, online presence and to create a buzz around new product launches.

Teaming up with a blogger

  • First of all, it is important to identify bloggers that have an audience with the same demographic as yours. This will mean that their readers are more likely to be interested in your brand and also bloggers are more likely to want to collaborate with you.

There are 181 million blogs out there. Odds are there will be one that relates to your audience. Create 3 personas for the typical target audience. Profile these personas by asking:-

o    What is their age range?

o    What are their likes and dislikes?

o    What are their hobbies?

o    Are they a high salary earner or low salary earner?

o    What kind of shopper are they?

  • Secondly, create a list of bloggers that have influence in their community. You can determine this by looking at their domain authority, the number of followers they have on Twitter, the number of likes they have on Facebook and other social channels. Also look at how engaged they are with their readership.
  • Thirdly, target those that are already following you on social media and reach out to them. Perhaps re-tweet their post or like one of their photos on Facebook.

Get personal! Don’t just send generic, spammy emails and expect them to get on board. Make sure what you are saying is relevant to them and their readership. Getting coverage from 4 or 5 relevant bloggers can be far more effective than going for hundreds in the hope some may link to you.

  • Finally, get them involved with something that offers value and is interesting to both parties involved. For example, create a competition that integrates their website by offering their readership vouchers or insider information. Keep your campaigns fun and interesting for maximum engagement.

For more information on how to engage bloggers click here.

What are your goals?

It is important to determine what you ultimately want to get out of a collaborating with a blogger. Different campaigns will have different KPI’s to work to. The different KPI’s you’re working towards could be:-

  • To reach more individuals for brand awareness
  • To secure a high-end link
  • To get a blogger talking about your product/service
  • To get a social share by an influential blogger
  • To get a mention in a vlog ( video blog)
  • To get a collaboration for a certain campaign/ competition
  • To build an on-going relationship with a blogger and having them act as a brand ambassador

Once you have determined your KPI’s and have clear objectives in mind you can monitor the success of your efforts. For example, recently for one of our travel clients we outreached to travel bloggers in order to get some fresh content and to increase brand awareness.

By creating a rapport with an influential travel blogger we got her on board to create a vlog about her favourite destinations. This was mutually beneficial. Our travel client got some fresh, relevant and interesting content to promote their brand and engage with her travel community. It was also beneficial to the blogger as she was able to collaborate with a reputable company to add to her portfolio and also access their audience.

To sum up

Bloggers are hugely influential figures with an ever expanding readership. By collaborating with bloggers and getting them to talk about your product/service you are able to expand brand exposure, offer reliable and trustworthy insight, get a high end link to your site, get fresh and relevant content and hopefully increase your online presence.

When looking to work with bloggers ensure you offer something unique, personal and mutually beneficial. Build a rapport with bloggers who have a readership with the same demographic so that they will be interested in your brand. Remember, blogger reviews can be a huge influence on consumer purchasing decisions, so be smart about your strategy.

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