Moving To Shrewsbury For A Career In Digital

Approaching your graduation day at University – whilst exciting – can be daunting the closer it gets to the day. Throughout this period, anyone who knew you were graduating almost always followed with a question along the lines of “what’s your plan next?!”.
I hated this question; I avoided this question! Like many graduates, I had no perfect laid out plan of what to do next. In fact, in the words of Phoebe Buffay when she was asked the same question “I don’t even have a plan!”.
This was a fact of life in my final year, until I came across Croud.

Easy & Accommodating Recruitment Process

As with many graduates, I was applying to various jobs to kick-start my career and plan my next steps. This usually went as follows:
1. Spend hours stressing over little details on my CV, or go through extensive online exams that never really showed recruiters the best side of me.
2. Wait weeks or months.
3. Never hear back or get an automated message of “all positions are now full”.
Going through Croud’s recruitment process however, was the first sign that Croud was different. After submitting my CV and cover letter, I was invited for an initial interview over skype, which was very easy going and there were thankfully no trick questions.
Beyond that, it was only a couple of days before I was invited into the office in Shrewsbury for a second interview, which was equally friendly and carried out in and freindly, tech-focused environment.
The whole process took about 2 weeks which- let’s be honest- you won’t get anywhere else! Even if I didn’t get the job, it was worth a shot – there was an opportunity for me to sort out my next step after university in just 2 weeks rather than go through extensive recruitment processes that got me nowhere.
Either way, I went back home after my interview in Shrewsbury that day feeling good about my face to face interview, and indeed within just a day or two I was informed that I got the position I wanted! It was then that I faced the question of “what’s your plan next?” with confidence- I am joining a fast growing digital marketing agency that is truly different, and yes, I am moving from Manchester to Shrewsbury!

Benefits of living in Shrewsbury- from a newcomer’s perspective

As an international student at university, I travelled around the UK throughout my student years to see more of what this island has to offer. I have been as far as Northern Scotland and Southern England. There were some beautiful towns and cities that are truly great places to see or live in such as York, Edinburgh, Manchester and London.

Shrewsbury however, is definitely one of my favourite places to be in the UK. The town itself is truly beautiful and is located within a river loop with some amazing scenery. Do not assume however that lots of greenspace means there is little to do! Shrewsbury has some great restaurants, bars, parks, public spaces, shopping venues and a fascinating history behind it. I have been living here for a year and a half, and I am still constantly discovering new places.

Support from Croud in the relocation Process

I had to include this heading into my post. It’s an opportunity for me to recognise all the support I received from Croud when relocating to Shrewsbury from Manchester.
The HR team gave me some great advice about where the best areas to live in are, as well as some tips on finding affordable rent whilst living within just a few minutes’ walk from work (yes, it’s possible here!). The place I found I still live in today.

To conclude

I had to take many decisions when I graduated from university. Some were poor; many were spot on. Joining Croud and moving to Shrewsbury was definitely one of those “spot on” decisions I have made, and since making this step, I have never looked back.


If you are thinking of making a move into digital but don’t know where to start, check out our vacancies page or get in touch. This could be your chance to work for an exciting digital marketing agency in all aspects of digital from the ground up.

by Jawdat Nassour
18 January 2017



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