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#Content Trends for 20142 min read

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Content Manager Iain, gives an idea of what we can expect from 2014 in the world of content marketing.

The year is rapidly coming to a close. 2013 will soon be behind us and with next year just around the corner, we thought it would be good to take a look into what’s waiting for us in 2014.


It has been a busy year in content marketing. We have seen visual content outperform words within engagement, brands have begun taking content strategies seriously and the actual phrase ‘content marketing’ has finally become socially acceptable. However, having said that, so has the word ‘selfie’ go figure.

The way things are going means that next year, content will become even bigger, better and even more vital to marketing campaigns. As this awesome Infographic from the creative heads at Twin Engine shows, there are countless things we can expect from the 14th year of this millennia.

Imagery is set to take content by storm with more brands than ever focusing their content strategies on engaging aesthetically pleasing content. The use of infographics is growing to present data in ever more funky and creative ways. Video has begun to take over content plans with a 57% of marketers planning to increase their budget in video ads for next year (eMarketer).

The way in which we are presented with content is expected to change with brands adopting real-time location advertising. With the mobile platform set to surpass traditional forms or marketing, we can all expect targeted ads beamed right to a phone or tablet capturing your consumer when they least expect it.

SEO of course is always on the move. With recent changes to Google Analytics ‘not provided’ data and the rollout of the Hummingbird algorithm, marketers are starting to defer their attention solely on ranking a keyword in search results. Focussing more instead on more varied content strategy for testing longer tail conversational search terms and targeting on a broader set of keywords. Content is no longer driven by the potential SEO gains, but focused on returning useful information based on consumer behaviour, with the #hashtag emerging as a leading search tool.

Content is sure to be game-changer for 2014. Its use in digital marketing has become a key inclusion among the strategies of many a brand, which means next year we are sure to see some awesome content bouncing around online. In the meantime, the word ‘selfie’ has been banned at Croud HQ.

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