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Top 5 Pointers from BrightonSEO3 min read

3 min read
Source: @brightonseo

You’ll always find BrightonSEO marked on our calendars. The event sees thousands of people within the industry, either agency or client-side, flock down to the seaside for a day of knowledge sharing and free coffee. A few us attended the conference last week and, from a sea of SEO tips and strategies, we have picked out the 5 pointers that stood out the most to us.

Local Search is bridging the gap between bricks and clicks

We may have heard this a million times before, yet some people aren’t getting it right, or paying it enough attention. An e-commerce site competes globally, whereas a retail shop only has to operate on a regional scale, meaning a solid local search strategy can massively reduce your competition.

Leveraging your local presence within Google can drive more traffic to your site, as well as more feet to your door. It is important to remember, of course, that the main aim of local searching is to find information about your store and not necessarily online conversations. However, it is quite likely such users will go on to be converted in-store, even though this success is more difficult to measure.

That being said, local search still raises awareness of your store and, sometimes, this can even lead to online transactions, especially if a strong CTA is present and your local pages are properly optimised.

To find out more about local search take a look at David Whatley’s presentation.

Migrating doesn’t mean you have to lose traffic

We have all heard it time and time again – if you migrate, you’ll surely lose traffic. Jon from Pi Datametrics, however, is working hard to dispel this myth and took us through 5 steps to follow to ensure a successful migration without losing out on any traffic.


Migration should be seen as a great opportunity and not a disaster waiting to happen. His main point was that you ‘can’t just SEO-it’. More often than not, clients will only bring the SEO team in at the last minute of migration, instead of at the beginning, when we can ensure all processes are followed correctly and prevent a migration disaster.

Knowing Search Trends for key events is key

Although referring to publishing news online, Malcolm Coles (from The Telegraph) made some interesting points about reacting to big news events immediately. Interestingly, search trends around a particular programme – let’s say the X-Factor final, for example – actually peaks as soon as it is over, instead of during, which most of us would have expected. They, therefore, plan their content minute-by-minute, ensuring content goes live exactly as interest peaks. While we are very unlikely to plan our content down to the last minute, it is important to understand key search peaks to ensure content we are producing, whether on-site or socially, is going live at the best time to get optimal results.

Give your SEO Audit some context

The goal of an SEO audit should be to achieve growth and it is important to remember this throughout analysis, as we often get lost in the technical and developmental elements and forget to link it back to the original objectives. Ensure your audits are growth focused by making them strategic, prioritised and actionable.

Paid Social is the new Superhero of Digital Marketing

Paid social is still being overlooked by many agencies and in-house teams, yet it offers amazing targeting capabilities and is extremely cost-effective. Recent studies have shown that adults spend a minimum of 5 hours a day on their mobiles and social platforms take up a large chunk of that time. So, why wouldn’t you want to be advertising where people are spending the most of their time? Some key tips to ensure a successful Facebook campaign:

  • Start with a goal – know what you want to achieve from your ads. Attracting new customers? Driving social engagement? Increase conversions?
  • Be extremely picky with your targeting – Facebook offers granular targeting options so make use of them
  • Use awesome images – As with traditional advertising, content is key.

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