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I Mean How Hard Can Content Marketing Be?3 min read

3 min read

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Might roll up my sleeves and see what I can add to our marketing efforts. I imagine this content marketing malarkey is pretty straightforward so I’ll start with that. Best check the analytics – what’s going on?

SEO is going well. huzzah!

The blog attracts about 75% of all of our traffic. – even better news! – that’s what we said would happen. Traffic up 100% year on year. Not bad – lets up the ante.

Erm. How in the name of Michael Terence Wogan does one up the ante? Of course! Even more content marketing.

Content is important –everyone says so. Repeatedly. Every day. Ok content it is then – makes sense, after all it’s not like the internet is made out of anything else.

It’s quite hard to talk about good SEO or frankly good anything without dropping the C bomb.

But what sort of content? We’ve already got a relatively successful blog? How do we make this as relevant as possible without boring people?

Bake sale! Everyone loves a bake sale! Wait one second moment can anyone at Croud actually bake? Is January not somewhat at odds with a bake sale? I see visions of well-intentioned lemon drizzle cake rotting in the fridges of Albion.

Maybe a quinoa eating competiton? – why not? We’re in Shoreditch – let’s eat Quinoa for charity!

A quinoa selfie!

Let’s pour a cold bucket of quinoa over ourselves for charity while wearing very little make up. Genius! No one has ever thought of that! I’m going to nominate my neighbour, my nan and Ben Affleck!

This is amazing.

Maybe we should put the customer at the heart of the experience and give them what they want?

Even Genius-ier!

No one has ever thought of that! This could fundamentally recalibrate marketing. Holy crap – won’t be long until Time magazine call for my ‘man of the year’ mug shot (note to self – respond with dignity and pretend it was a team effort – I’ll just tell them I did a shit load of teamwork).

So – lets write content that people might like or find useful. My god why haven’t I done this before this is a doddle. Where’s my pen? Actually do people still use pens? (note to self – check who in office still uses pens and do a really cool infographic on it). Nah – that’s a daft idea.  Not exactly cutting edge talking about pens. Is there a smart pen? Must be. Quick search  – there are smart pens. Bugger need another idea – a better one that will inform and inspire!

Newsletter! By jingo I think that’s the answer. Let’s send a round up of the things people already know with one charity event to show we’re decent people that are non threatening and fun to be around.

Cool – so a newsletter. 25% Quinoa, 50% news aggregation (yesterday’s news today!) and 25% personality/charity.
So how do I get it out there? Sharing. Sharing is key. I’m going to put it on facebook. Wait – that’s a social network – might piss my friends off and detract from the background noise of political posinshutterstock_243222631g and cats eating muffins.

Linkedin! Nailed it.

Going to take this to the marketing director. She’s going to think I’m awesome.

Right spoken with the marketing director.

Patience – apparently we’re doing well by all mucking in and writing one piece a week. Keep on keeping on.

Actually screw it lets have a bake sale.[/text_output][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][visibility type=”hidden-desktop”][gap size=”20px”][/visibility][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”ups-sidebar-2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]