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5 Ways to Fail Content Marketing4 min read

4 min read

5 ways to fail content marketing

These days, content is a well-established marketing tool, with as much as 86% of B2B marketers reporting the inclusion of content as part of their strategy.

But there’s more to content marketing than just ticking the boxes. Even if a company offers a news or blog section, creates visual content, writes downloadable resources, and buys into PPC campaigns, it doesn’t say a thing about the quality of their work.

Here are five ways many marketers fall flat – even with the most well-planned content strategy:

  1. Rarely post

Marketers are busy bees, often flitting frantically about the hive trying to get a million jobs done at once. It’s not uncommon for the content creation side of things to fall by the wayside as more important projects come up.

However, companies with active blogs can receive 97% more leads.

Posting an article once a month does not count as particularly active. Aim to create new content several times a week, as companies with 15+ monthly posts win five times the traffic as companies that don’t post a thing.

  1. Slack on content promotion

So you’ve done all the work that goes into creating the content, now what?

If you don’t promote your content, most people won’t know it’s there. Trust us, the world is not waiting at the edge of their seats hoping you’ll add a blog post. Drive your engagement and traffic even further by pushing the content across a few extra platforms – without this, you could be missing some of the most easily attained leads.

Sharing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media platforms is usually free and takes minimal effort. Adding your content to a customer newsletter, paid social media advertising or paid promotion can drive it even further. The internet is full of fantastic tools for content promotion. Make a checklist of the ones that are the most useful for your type of content and make sure to distribute your blog posts across those platforms each time you post.

Thumbs down content marketing fail(Like this guy, we give keyword stuffing a big thumbs down.)

  1. Keyword stuffing

Back in the early days of SEO, it was easy for content marketers and savvy bloggers to fall into the trap of adding excessive keywords to their pages. Some stories even suggest that people would add keywords in white text so as not to physically appear on the page, but still have search value.

Not only are readers much more aware of keyword stuffing these days, but Google is onto it, too. Google’s modus operandi is based on a good user experience, and since a page of unhelpful, misleading text and phrases, or even repeated, unnatural-sounding words does not a good user experience make, your search rankings will go down – not up.

  1. Use poor grammar

Theres no more faster way too seem disproffesional then poor grammer and spelling.

And it repels customers like an electric shock.

Global Lingo did a little research into the subject and found that 74% of adults noticed poor grammar and spelling on a website and 59% said they wouldn’t consider dealing with such companies. Try tools like Hemingway or Grammarly to help you minimise the risk of publishing a post or document with these mistakes, and always make sure to run the spell check.

  1. Underestimate your audience

Even though it’s not as obvious as a spelling mistake, underestimating your readers is a great way to turn them away.

Some marketers will treat their audience like a child, expecting them to not see past a weak piece of content that makes claims without backing them up with facts, doesn’t answer the topic, or exists solely for the purpose of pushing a sale. Good marketers will treat their audience as they would a well-respected family member, like a favourite uncle, let’s say. They will explain industry-specific concepts but assume the reader is clever enough to know when they are being sold to and wise enough to get the point without needing an over-simplified explanation.

The most important thing – just know your audience. Maybe they’re industry experts and are looking for in-depth, technical information. Maybe they’re brand new and looking for simplified explanations and how-to’s. Whatever it is, know who they are and write for them.

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