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10 Reasons Why you should be advertising on Bing5 min read

5 min read

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Here’s why advertising through Bing, must form part of any strategy involving online channels to engage more customers:-

1 – Second largest search engine on the internet

The most obvious reason for advertising on Bing, is that it has the second increaselargest platform of users after Google. Whilst Google is still ahead in this respect, Bing’s share is on the rise – having grown from 6.3% in December 2013 to 11% in December 2014. In December 2014 alone 644 million searches were made through the Bing search engine, so advertisers can certainly benefit in terms of exposure to new customers.

2 – A global platform

Bing is not only making progress in the UK, it is also expanding globally. Bing is now active in 35 different markets around the world. Through Bing, advertisers looking to grow internationally, can target people in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

3 – Cheaper than Google

budgetThe cost of acquiring a customer through Bing is often cheaper than Google. For pay-per-click advertisements the average cost per click on Bing is usually less than on Google as there are less businesses competing to have their adverts appear.

4 – Easy transfer of current advertising campaigns

So, we know that businesses can reach more customers in a cost effective manner on Bing, but is it worth the extra effort, given that Google receives a higher volume of traffic? Well actually, advertising on Bing as well as Google does not mean doubling the workload. Bing recognises that many businesses invest a lot of time creating and optimising Google campaigns. To cater for this, Bing has made it incredibly easy for businesses to import all of their Google campaigns directly into Bing. This means that new and updated campaigns can be duplicated on Bing in no time!

5 – Collateral advertising

Bing, because of its ties to Microsoft has access to a pretty good range of partners which adds more value to their advertising platform. One such partner is Yahoo – who has recently renewed their deal with Bing. This means that Yahoo searches continue to be powered by Bing’s technology to show search results and adverts.

6 – Growing customer base

Windows 10 is launching in the second half of 2015 and it is anticipated that web search functionality will be heavily integrated into the operating system, of course, powered by Bing. This should mean that Bing continues to grow its user base over the coming years.

7 – The next superpower?

Whilst Google is the indisputable search engine superpower, the next generation of online search is on the horizon. Digital assistants are expected to replace website search engines like & Microsoft is pretty well placed in this market with the success that ‘Cortana’ has had to date. We are going to see some really interesting opportunities in the near future for advertisers to communicate their offers to customers, which will be managed through Bing.

8 – More platforms

Microsoft’s strategy for Bing is to integrate it throughout the company’s products. From Microsoft Office to Xbox they are – “Putting Search Where People Are”. With the popularity of both of these products, Bing is capable of adding more users and ultimately allowing businesses to reach more of their customer base with their ads.

9 – More intelligent customer data

‘Universal Event Tracking’ (UET) is a new development from Bing. It allows advertisers to gather more information on what happens after a customer arrives on a website through clicking on their advert. Advertisers can now monitor fundamental activity such as customer purchases, how long a customer stays on the website and which pages they viewed. On top of that, advertisers can track customised events such as Facebook likes, video views, ‘call-me-back’ requests – depending on the features of the business’ website.ppc_seo

UET will also enable advertisers to build up lists of customers who have visited the website and specifically target those people with another advert (i.e. Remarketing). This has been extremely effective for some businesses on Google and later in 2015, advertisers on Bing will have the same option.

10 – Flexibility

Finally, now that there are three main pillars where users search online – desktop, mobile and tablet, businesses have been making adjustments to adapt their online homes towards each device. In response to this Bing has given advertisers more freedom to choose to what extent their ads are displayed according to each device. Where businesses enjoy more profitability on tablet versus desktop and mobile, advertisers have the control to make adjustments in line with those results.

To sum up

If your business is not already advertising on Bing, then you could be missing out on the opportunity to reach a whole new pool of potential online customers. Bing continues to add more and more users to its search engine, whilst continually improving the value of its advertising platform to businesses.[/text_output][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][visibility type=”hidden-desktop”][gap size=”20px”][/visibility][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”ups-sidebar-2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]