Remote working: How do we stay productive?

As the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, and with government officials around the world advising people to stay at home as much as possible, we are seeing remote working being adopted by the masses. 

However, with many of us expecting to be cooped up at home for the foreseeable future, it can be somewhat of a struggle to settle into this new way of working – and living – whilst continuing to be productive. With all of Croud’s offices now adopting a work-from-home policy, we asked all of our in-house staff to share their tips and suggestions on how they are remaining productive and healthy – both physically and mentally – during these difficult times.

Treat it like a normal day

Maintaining your usual work routine by getting up at the same time, putting on work clothes and working from a designated space was something suggested by many members of the team at Croud. The idea is that by sticking to your normal morning schedule, you’re preparing yourself to be in the right mindset to work.

Keeping company

With the world currently practicing social distancing, working from home away from your colleagues can be particularly lonely during this period. One way that the team at Croud are trying to banish this loneliness is through regular video calls and chats during the day.

Some teams have even chosen to implement daily ‘human interaction’ calls, to simply have a chat about things as though you normally would in the office. Our team in New York have started creating ‘Croud Cribs’ videos, where each member of staff shares their working from home space in true MTV Cribs style.

Others have even started brainstorming ideas with housemates, suggesting that ‘even if they have no clue about anything, the process of talking through the idea unlocks the genius within.’

Real desk space

Going from an allocated desk in the office to a cramped dining room table can be a real shock to the system, particularly if other members of your household are also doing the same thing. Most people at Croud suggested setting up a designated desk which is as close to your usual working environment as possible, to help you get your work done at ease. 

Croud’s IT department has been on-demand over the last few days, supporting teams as they set up their home working spaces.  Whilst others have stressed the importance of setting up spaces away from regular distractions like the TV, family members and even children, for the duration of their working day.

Make time for breaks

When we’re in the office we are more likely to stop in the kitchen for a chat, get up to make tea or generally take a few minutes away from the screen. However, at home, without the company of your colleagues and the buzzing office environment, this can be tough. So it’s important to be conscious of this and make time to step away from your screen. 

At Croud some people have found that separating their morning, afternoon and evenings with 20 minute breaks in-between helps to boost productivity. Others have found that starting the day with exercise helps set their mind for the day, whilst many highlighted the importance of stepping outside for lunch, whether that’s a short walk to the shops or going for a run, to get a healthy distraction from work.

Hone your schedule

Without the ability to walk over to your colleague’s desk to ask a question, and many of us having to juggle our working-from-home set up with housemates, partners and significant others, scheduling meetings and making to-do lists are more important than ever. 

Some of our team have found a way around this by coordinating their call schedules with others who are working in the household to ensure there are no overlaps or interruptions. Others have chosen to create two work desks and alternate these with others in their households – proving to be a welcome change of scenery too.

Humour is important

Whilst the current global situation is very serious, it can certainly seem like there is no escape from the gloom. However, despite the growing uncertainty we are facing, it’s important to keep our spirits up and find humour where we can.

Croud’s Business Development Manager in the US, Lucy Rogers, has done exactly this. When faced with the idea of cancelling her fashion rental subscription, she decided to create – SayYestotheWFHdress – an Instagram account which documents some of the outrageous clothes she’s going to rent and wear whilst working from home – starting with a ball gown. 

Much like this, Croud has tried to continue our collaborative approach to work even whilst we’re all remote, whether that’s through sharing ‘WFH selfies’, to a virtual ‘Crouded House’ and some even contemplating the idea of doing comedy webinars – we’re all trying to make the best out the situation.

Have you got an idea of something fun we can be doing? We love new ideas, so get in touch!

by Croud
18 March 2020



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