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Ad-blocking for iOS 9 has landed2 min read

2 min read

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[/vc_raw_html][text_output]Apple’s iOS 9 has landed and with it comes ad-blockers. After updating to the new software, users have the ability to enable ad blocking on Safari by simply downloading an blocking for iOS has landed

The ad blocking app Peace has shot to the top spot in the UK & US paid app chart, followed by Purify in 11th. This suggests the uptake of mobile ad blockers is widespread.

198 million people (1 in every 20 internet users) already use ad blockers on desktop, which has caused a stir in industries such as publishing, where there is a heavy reliance on advertising in their business model.

This post looks at how ad blockers work, why we would want to use them and the impact they could have on the future of advertising.


How they work

Adblockers simply block communication between ad servers. They do this by stripping out scripts in the code of web pages that usually allow ads to show. This also blocks viewing metrics like time on site and how far down a page a user has viewed.


Benefits to Users

  • Decluttering of distracting content on already small screens
  • Improvement in battery life
  • Increase in page load times
  • Decrease in data usage
  • Better ads

The Future

Ad blockers are definitely going to negatively impact sites like The Daily Mail, who rely heavily on ad revenue. As publishers like this come to terms with ad blocking, could we see the start of paying for all of our content consumption? Some would say ads are the price we pay for free content. However Marco Arment, who created the Peace app argues this point:

The “implied contract” theory that we’ve agreed to view ads in exchange for free content is void because we can’t review the terms first — as soon as we follow a link, our browsers load, execute, transfer, and track everything embedded by the publisher”

The alternative is the closure of a number of sites who can’t support themselves with the loss of ad revenue. Eventually reducing our options for content down to just the major players.

I’ve recently installed Peace on my iPhone and the experience in Safari seems to be much faster than before. Have you installed any ad blockers and are you noticing a difference?

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