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where do the 800ib gorillas sit

Where do the 800lb Gorillas sit now?4 min read

4 min read

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How many times have you heard that the internet is transforming the way we do business? And how we shop? I stopped counting those as well, I couldn’t fall asleep at night any more.

But how many times have you heard that the internet is transforming “who we shop with”? And “why”?

Almost two decades ago, while sitting in a Parisian amphitheatre, I heard a marketing teacher ask his students the following question: “Where does the giant gorilla sit?”  I saw students looking up, shaking their legs nervously, pretending to be searching for the answer – it wasn’t long before the teacher threw his answer loudly at his audience: “Anywhere it wants to! And why may I ask you all? Because he is the giant gorilla!” 

In 1995 – the world counted 35 million internet users. Advertisers were prominently gorillas with huge amounts of pocket money, and they would spend it all on the same sweets (TV, billboards & print) and those were the ones we shopped with. Strength and power was key and there was only one lock.

Last year, the world counted 2.8 billion internet users; ecommerce sales have moved far from the 1% they were 20 years ago. Things have changed and for the good, thanks to everyone having easier access to Knowledge I may add.

It is more difficult for the giant gorillas of this world than it has ever been, as times have clearly changed from “Strength and Power” to “be Smart and make sure you got Pace”. Some gorillas are smart enough to follow the change, but not all of them can cope with the speed of search engine marketing and how much it is shaping people’s buying habits.

Gone are the days where you need 200,000 products in a catalogue to be a healthy and thriving business.  If anything, the more products you have now, the more you are exposing yourself to what I like to call “the snipers” – some very smart and fast moving businesses who have only a limited range of products, who thrive on ambush, make a point at being very competitive price-wise, and focus all their efforts and ammunitions on hitting that target (only). And you know what? It works for them. Oh and by the way, the fact that a recent study highlighted that only 1 in 3 UK digital marketing managers admitted that their online marketing approach was fully integrated with their offline efforts suggests that the future is bright for the smart online small and medium businesses.

But how does the likes of Google contribute to democratising the chances of success for smaller businesses?  Firstly, brand loyalty is more and more of an alien concept for online shoppers; this opens up opportunities for every unknown brand with a strong business proposal. Secondly, by constantly releasing new products, search engines are giving to every business sticking to them closely, a temporary edge on their competition. Having the right offer is one thing, but not promoting it in the best possible manner is quite another.

Historically, small and medium businesses did their online marketing internally under the wrong impression that they couldn’t afford paying an agency. However, SERPs are changing alongside consumers habits and Croud have clearly acknowledged it. We work with savvy small and medium businesses not only because they recognize that our agency can provide them with the online expertise, resources and processes they need, but also they get access to the most recent advertising products. This allows them to gain the competitive edge that can make a difference at a later stage. And like bigger businesses, we are now seeing more and more successful SMBs who diversify their relationship with us. By mixing PPC and programmatic media buying for example, as both disciplines complement each other well, the learnings from both campaigns are easily transferrable from one to another. This leads to great results faster. Again, it’s all about pace.

Next time, I will tell you about how the internet is changing the way people work. Croud is clued up on this of course. Remember, be smart and have pace… did I mention that?



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