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Sitelinks for brand awareness

Can Sitelinks Boost Awareness and Create a Search Trend?3 min read

3 min read

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We are managing search activities for a global client that offers rental services in Taiwan. Our client offers space in numerous buildings across Taiwan, but receives very little search volume when people search for the exact name of the building. Therefore, instead of building keywords for each building, we decided to create enhanced sitelinks with a description of each building (hereon in referred to as ‘building sitelinks’) to test performance. By analysing the decision-making process in this specific rental industry, we know that potential customers are seeking more information when searching, such as locations, convenience and access to transport. The enhanced sitelinks feature on Google AdWords provides us with a good opportunity to deliver this information to users.


After three months, we gained a significantly promising result, here are our findings:


Improved CTR on Creatives

As expected, when comparing ads appearing with and without sitelinks, the difference is tremendous. Ads appearing with sitelinks have a much higher CTR than ads without sitelinks. More importantly, we also noticed that the appearance of building sitelinks has a much greater effect at persuading users to click our ads than other generic sitelinks do, with a 28% increase in CTR.

When comparing solely sitelink performance, the result is extremely positive. The CTR for building sitelinks is almost double that of generic sitelinks. This result is closely matched with our expectations when starting the test. The new sitelinks provide specific and direct information for users who need rental services, increasing interest and attention.

Generic Sitelinks vs Building Sitelinks

Changing Search Behaviour

More interestingly, these sitelinks might lead to a search trend by educating users. After three months of launching these sitelinks, we have seen several keywords from Search Query Reports that show users searching for specific building names and clicking into our ads, which never showed up in previous months. We are excited about these findings, as it appears that awareness in the local market has increased, giving us the opportunity to adopt building names as search keywords in the future.


Conversion Driving

It is exciting for us as Account Managers to see an improved CTR and also, the possibility to lead search trends in the market. But, the most vital figure for our client is how many of the clicks convert into leads. Let’s see the results when we took conversion rate into consideration.

Unfortunately, an opposite result arises when comparing the conversion rate. Building sitelinks have a lower conversion rate than generic sitelinks for the first test market.

However, by testing on other APAC markets, we’ve found that building sitelinks are actually generating more conversions.

sitelinks across markets

Digging deeper into the reason behind the lower conversion rate in Taiwan, it is highly possible that we didn’t offer a better landing page experience for users. Users who couldn’t get the desired information are less likely to convert. Based on our findings, our client is currently testing a more customised landing page for those sitelinks, which we will report back on after gaining enough data.



As well as increasing awareness and the click through rate for our client, we also found great opportunities to improve conversions in various markets. The results we received might be a market and industry driven example, but it makes me realise there are many more opportunities we could explore through utilising ad extensions. More importantly, whether in a fast moving digital or traditional offline marketing channel, the most fundamental, yet simple rule from a marketing textbook is ever relevant – shorten the consumer decision-making process and help them reach their purchase decision.


.Decision making process


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