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Landing Pages-Touching Down Smoothly or Crashing in Flames?2 min read

2 min read

Picture the scenario; you spend hours perfecting your account structures, ensuring coverage for every possible converting term. You have location bid modifiers in place, device bidding, RLSA, the works, yet you still don’t see the performance you want from your PPC campaigns.

Sometimes we can get so focussed on how we deliver performance by using the features available to us from the bidding platforms that we neglect what might be the most important element, the actual page where a user will interact and (hopefully) convert. In this blog, we look at a couple of ways a landing page can be refined to deliver the killer conversion rate to back up the structure behind it.

Don’t make me choose!

This may sound a little counterintuitive but one of the easiest ways to turn a user off a page is to give them too many options. Choice paralysis is a very real problem when you start offering a multitude of different options and buttons for the user to click. The conversion pathway should be kept as straightforward as possible while still providing the necessary information.



Less is more

Tying into the last point, the old adage of simplicity being the ultimate in sophistication rings true with landing pages. While it may be great having a page with a myriad of interesting technical features, they can distract from the core content of the page.

The same rings true when it comes to the actual copy used on the page. Using filler words will not help drive a user to convert. A simple sentence on how the product could change their life will. This leads us nicely onto…

Going with your heart or your head

In general, human beings are emotional creatures. Without wanting to go all “pop psychology”, more often than not, we make the decision to buy something based on a gut feeling then try and justify ourselves by reviewing the product’s features. That’s why great landing page copy appeals to this instinct in people. Talking about how a product will materially benefit the user will be much more likely to succeed over a simple list of its features.

What does that even mean?

Time for a little more psychology (last bit I promise!); People love hearing about things in quantifiable terms. If you want to really sell a product to a potential customer, frame its benefits in something they would understand. Reduced your prices by £3? Tell the user they can get an extra cup of coffee with their saving. If you can represent the benefits of your product in real terms, you’re sure to drive those extra sales.

And there we have it; a whistle-stop tour on how to refine your landing pages. With these factors in mind, the days of seeing great traffic volumes but a slightly dreary conversion rate should be a thing of the past. Just remember three little words: