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Google AdWords allows advertisers to bid separately on tablet & desktop1 min read

1 min read

Bid Separately on Tablet & Desktop

The Google Performance Summit in San Francisco last week brought welcome news for AdWords account managers with individual device bid adjustments. Advertisers had been forced to bid the same across both desktop & tablet devices. Meaning that advertisers bids on desktop & tablet were tied together. Google only made allowance for an adjustment to be applied to mobiles. This became increasingly problematic over time as the desktop/tablet conversion rates grew further apart.


bid separately on tablet and desktop

What does it mean?

In practical terms the greater device controls means higher efficiency. Advertisers can act on the varying user experiences offered across their desktop, mobile and tablet shop windows.

Another change that comes hand-in-hand, sees advertisers able to use mobile as the ‘base bid’ and instead use desktop & tablet as the upward or downward bid modifiers. Advertisers can now determine which device is most important and adjust the other devices from that baseline. This also opens up the ability for advertisers to get creative and set-up ‘mobile first’ or mobile specific campaigns once again.

Whilst Google could have gone further and allowed 3 individual bids for each device, the change will still deliver greater bidding accuracy, which Google cited as the reason behind the decision.