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How to attract Supershoppers: Succeed in the Holiday Season with Google’s DoubleClick Search2 min read

2 min read

With Christmas a few days away, the pressure is on to find that perfect present. Luckily for us marketers, most people tend to invest a lot of time and research before heading off to the shops!

This means that consumers are now more open than ever to considering new brands and retailers. Even more interesting for marketers, last year Google found that over a half of all smartphone users discovered new brands while searching on their mobile, and a huge 76% changed their minds and purchased from new retailers.

So who are these Supershoppers spending most of their time shopping on their mobiles?

One thing they all have in common is that they’re after the best gift out there. Mobile searches related to the ‘best gift’ grew over 70% YoY, while the search for ‘cool gifts’ experienced a growth of 80%.

So, what’s the best way to turn Supershoppers into customers? Here’s 5 ways Google’s Doubleclick can help you out over the holiday season.

1) Preparation

Setting up Floodlight tags allows you to track customer behaviour and engage with loyal and returning customers. DoubleClick conversions API might help you to get a better understanding of all sales, since it tracks conversions on- and offline.

2) Automation

DoubleClick Search informs you regularly about your inventory status whilst adjusting price changes in real time. You can create automated rules to save time and adapt specific ads and scheduled emails. Likewise, you can test your ad copy and landing pages to ensure the best possible customer experience.

3) Measurement

Setting up scheduled reports enables you to get a valuable insight into cross-device attribution which informs you on how customers interact with your campaigns on different devices. By using budget pacing reports you can make sure that you meet your set targets especially during the busy holiday season. Finally, you have to analyse and monitor your performance regularly, while paying particular attention to different shopping metrics like impressions or click through rates (CTR).

4) Optimise

Keep actively engaging with your customers: use re-marketing strategies to attract customers who have left your website without a purchase and introduce new products to existing customers that might be of interest to them.

5) Plan Ahead

Even if the stress of the holiday season might have you daydreaming about your next  holiday – don’t forget to plan ahead for the next season before you start packing your bags. DoubleClick Search Reports help you to display the most valuable and useful data including metrics like revenue or costs which will be highly useful for the planning for next time round. Focus on your best and worst performances, to identify campaigns which have worked well in the past and use similar strategies in the future. Likewise, you should leave your bid strategies running but make sure to adjust for any changes to your bid strategy goals.