Your new favourite PPC tool: Keywords Everywhere

AdWords Keyword Planner provides advertisers with search volume data for use in forecasting and campaign planning. The Keywords Everywhere add-on takes this one step further.

Keywords Everywhere is a free browser add-on available for both Chrome and Firefox. Once installed we can immediately see (exact) search volumes, cost-per-click (CPC) estimates and competition data by simply making a search.Keyword research

Listed below are a few sites which are currently supported by the add-on:

  • – data shown right under the search textbox
  • Google Search Console – data shown in the Search Analytics page
  • Google Analytics – data shown in the Organic and Search Engine Optimization > Queries pages
  • Google Trends – data shown in the queries widget
  • UberSuggest – data shown alongside keywords in this awesome keyword suggestion tool
  • – data shown in popup on each spoke of the wheel; data also shown in the alphabetic listings
  • – data shown next to each keyword all over the page
  • Majestic – Anchor Text Report
  • Moz Open Site Explorer – Anchor Text Report

 Interesting, but how accurate is this data?

We tested a few terms on exact match with 100% impression share in positions 1-2.

Keywords impression share

It’s apparent that the tool uses the same data source as Google’s Keywords Planner and, when compared against our actual AdWords accounts, the results are surprisingly accurate.

The largest discrepancy we saw was 21% and the smallest was 4%. As search behaviour and seasonality changes month on month, it’s impossible to be able to predict 100% accurate volumes.

As for the CPCs, considering the multiple factors that contribute towards the CPC calculation (competition, quality score, position), we were pleasantly surprised by the accuracy!

 Great, but what if I wish to research multiple keywords?

No problem, simply click on the icon, top right, and use the ‘Bulk upload keywords’ feature.

Bulk upload keywords

 …And if those keywords are for other markets?

Head into ‘Update Settings’ and select the country and currency you require.

country and currency you require

Try it for yourself, conduct your own tests and share the results with us.

This might just be your new favorite tool!

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