Interning at Croud

King’s College student Marta Krawczyk recently completed a summer internship at Croud’s London office, spending time in almost every department to get to know the business. Here she sums up her experience at Croud and her first ever taste of office life.

An internship is a good way to spend your university holidays (which can feel really long!). As aside from not wasting your days binge-watching Netflix, you also get a chance to spend time in an office environment, meet experienced people and learn a lot – all without having to sit in a dark library room.

My internship at Croud included all of this, plus it was so much fun! I was able to attend events where Google, Facebook and YouTube were on the panels, listen and engage in conversations about some seriously big clients and contribute to the progress of work done. It was so exciting to discuss the future digital marketing strategy of clients such as Timberland and Virgin Trains! All of this was accompanied by working in Croud’s headquarters; the office’s amazing location is in Shoreditch and it quickly became my favourite part of the city.

I applied for an internship at Croud as I wanted to combine my interests in education and the growing importance of the online presence of companies and individuals’ online existence, and found them to be a perfect match for me. 

As I am not very experienced, my plan was to explore all the areas and fields that Croud operates in and therefore I worked with almost all the teams in the company’s London office, including SEO, Client Strategy, Marketing, Analytics, Programmatic and Finance.  Everyone was eager to sit down with me, explain what they did and provide me with tasks to practice my new skills!

In the first two weeks, I would go to every internal and client meeting with my notebook, writing down all the mysterious words and abbreviations. There were so many of them, however they were used so frequently it wasn’t hard at all to memorise them and learn what they meant.  I also now own a notebook which is full of so much interesting stuff, that I will definitely find it useful in my future career.

Working at Croud was my first proper office job and I have to admit, I had no idea what to expect. Although truth be told, at first I found it difficult to sit and work from 9 to 5 (for the first couple of days I had zero energy to do anything in the evening), it was actually lovely! What I enjoyed the most was how everyone actually liked each other and after a short time, I felt part of the Croud community! There were so many events influencing the team spirit such as the London to Amsterdam charity bike race,  birthday celebrations and lunches out, Friday’s ‘Crouded House’ where we discussed our weekly achievements. 

All in all, I believe that my time at Croud was a really valuable experience. It was a perfect introduction to my future career; giving me insight into what full-time work is really like and how it feels to work in one of the busiest places in London! It goes to show you can very much like and be passionate about what you do!

by Croud
13 September 2018



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