My first three months as a Digital Associate at Croud

Thomas Esposito joined Croud’s US office as a Digital Associate three months ago. A New Jersey native who’s recently graduated in Marketing from the University of Delaware (go Blue Hens!), he has spent his first few months getting to know the ins and outs of Croud.

Before coming to Croud I worked in the fast-paced and glamorous world of cold-call sales. I first heard of Croud from a friend whilst we were frequenting one of New Jersey’s many fine bagel stores. They happened to know someone who worked in Croud’s New York office, and after perusing their Twitter and Instagram accounts, and seeing nothing but love and admiration for the business, my friend made an introduction.

Long story short, I dazzled the New York team with my beaming personality. Just kidding, I was definitely lucky to get an interview in the first place given that I had very limited experience in digital marketing! What I believe helped me to secure this job was my willingness to learn, a theme that proved to be ongoing during my first months at Croud.

What does PPC mean?

That brings me to my first day as a Digital Associate on the Biddable team in New York, when I turned to our VP of Biddable and asked, “what does PPC mean?”. As you can imagine, that question met with some questionable looks, however the beauty of Croud is how much they believe in their employees as people, and empower them with the tools to learn.

My first month at Croud was filled with a lot of training, and when I say a lot of training, I mean it. The entire biddable team in New York took me under their wing to make me feel comfortable and help me in any way they could. I had meetings with members of each department, really getting to grips with how each team worked, both on their own and to support the rest of the business. I spent a ton of time on the different engines, learning everything from bidding strategies and audiences to proper campaign structures.

I also dipped my toes into some actual work right off the bat. I think in my first few weeks I had face-to-face meetings with all of our clients, started compiling reports, and even got to visit Google’s office.

Friends, not co-workers

Through all this training I’ve become really close with the team here in New York, they’ve become friends, rather than co-workers. Croud has a unique company culture and I love the social events they put on – including the Mario Kart sessions in the office and Easter egg hunts. I have even had the British members of the team teaching me cool slang!

I’ve had a blast getting to know everyone I work with. Croud has the type of environment which makes heading into the office each morning something I’m genuinely excited for.

Not a beginner for long

You are not a beginner for long at Croud. In the span of two months, I went from asking what PPC means to running three accounts whilst my Account Manager was on vacation.

My favorite thing about Croud, aside from the people, is that it’s a business that really empowers you to learn more about what you’re passionate about. For me, that is unbelievably valuable as having the freedom and support to try a different aspect of digital, whether that is shopping, sales, client success or social, is something truly special.

My first three months at Croud are a complete blur and I’ve learnt so much in my time here so far.  My advice to anyone else who is just starting at Croud is to be a sponge. As I mentioned before, the biggest thing I’ve gotten from my experience is that you can never know enough, so keep that thirst for knowledge.

Also, British people love talking about ‘Great British Bake Off’ so that’s an easy way to make friends.

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by Thomas Esposito
21 June 2019



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