Croudie stories: Meet our digital experts across the globe

Croud is home to the world’s largest network of digital specialists who provide a first-rate service in real-time, whilst enjoying the flexibility of remote working.

Affectionately known in Croud terms as Croudies, these on-demand digital experts come armed with a diverse set of skills, backgrounds, and specialities. This group of specialists plays a vital role at Croud and allows us to meet the needs of our clients across 100+ markets and in 77 different languages, meaning that our clients always receive a relevant and localised service.

But who are the Croudies?

These digital nomads come from all walks of life, from intrepid world explorers to professionals looking to escape the grind, to full-time parents in need of flexibility. Despite their differences, they are all part of the global network, and each and every one of them has a unique and compelling story to tell.   

To help you gain a better understanding of our Croudies and the Croud model, they have put together a collection of blogs, telling their stories of how they came to be a part of the Croud family.

Meet the team

Rayna Tzvetkova is a location independent marketing and digital communications professional, whose two great passions in life are work and travel. Having previously worked full-time for ING, DDB, and Groupama, she became fascinated by the idea of remote working and sought out an alternative working solution that would allow her to combine her passions. Read Rayna’s story here.

Izam Hussain jokes that she has been programming since the birth of the Internet. Initially encouraged by her dad, they would often learn new methods together. However, when Izam’s son was diagnosed with a terminal illness, her priorities changed and she was in need of an opportunity that would offer her the flexibility to work around her priority – her son. Read the full story here.

Anna Fraser was working as a freelance content writer based between London and the Midlands but felt that she was struggling to attract the big-name clients, and also felt isolated working independently. Through joining the network, Anna has had the opportunity to work on big-name brands such as Victoria’s Secret and now has access to a bustling community of experts who are always eager to get together and share ideas.

Karen Clarke is a PPC expert who joined the network after having her second son. Finding the ideal work-life balance has its challenges and the Croudie network proved to be the ideal solution, allowing her to find the perfect mix between continuing to work while maintaining family life.

Liam Phillips
, with his love of learning and passion for project-based work, was looking for a flexible working environment. Croud offered a unique opportunity to work and learn, allowing him the freedom to work on the projects that he loved. Liam has continued his love for learning and is currently pursuing another degree in astrophysics in his spare time.

If you loved reading these stories as much as we did, good news – there are more blogs coming your way, so stay tuned.

For more information on the Croudie network, contact us or check out our network page.

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