Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority

World Mental Health Day falls on the 10th of October every year and is a day to start, and continue, conversations around the importance of mental health and wellbeing, and seek help if you feel you are struggling.

Mental health issues affect everyone in all aspects of life, which is why the Mental Health Foundation has worked for the past 70 years to find ways to prevent mental ill health from developing, and to have mental health treated with the same commitment and sincerity as physical health. 

Set by the World Federation for Mental Health, the theme this year is ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’. To keep our wellbeing a priority at Croud, our internal mental health working group, UnCrounded, has organised activities and initiatives throughout the week, and shared resources to encourage conversations within our staff. 

The group also asked people across the business to share their top tips for looking after mental health and making wellbeing a priority. Below are just a few of the methods they shared:

Allowing time for creativity 

“I find carving out creative thinking time to let your mind wander helps (e.g in the shower!) I also enjoy non-hobby hobbies – for me, it’s looking at houses for sale in my area”. – Lucy Rogers, Associate Director, Business Development, US.


“Swimming!! I love swimming. No phone, no screens, you can hear the sound of the water and you literally feel weightless. Bonus point if your gym/pool has a sauna or steam room. There are so many studies that saunas are amazing for physical and mental health”. – Megan Green, Content Strategist, UK.

Meditation and mental check-ins 

Smiling Mind is a great free app to help with meditation. I actually used the ‘Woebot’ service through the Employee Assist Program recently. It was very therapeutic just venting to a robot. Highly recommend!” – Tara Innes, GMP Operations Lead, UK. 

(The Employee Assist Program provides Croud’s employees with access to anonymous and on-demand mental health support from trained practitioners using a confidential helpline).

“The friend test – when you’re having one of those days where stuff feels really overwhelming or hard, ask yourself what you’d say to a friend who came to you with those worries. You’ll find you’re far kinder to your friends than to yourself. Try giving yourself the same care”. – Sophie Wooller, Director of Transformation, UK.

A physical (and mental) clear out 

“Have a good clear out! A room, a cupboard, a drawer – I find it mentally cleansing. I also then feel absolutely guilt free about doing nothing for the rest of the day! I also find having a regular spring clean of the room I work from home in helps (in my case the kitchen mostly). Everytime I do this I find myself more productive”. – Rachel Ellen, Local Search Strategist, UK.

“Sometimes we need some mental chewing gum. For me, this is *terrible* TV (highly recommend Selling Sunset and Below Deck), a computer game (not to brag but I have taken out a lot of monsters in Zelda), or some easy reading”. – Sophie Wooller, Director of Transformation, UK.

“When working from home, it’s sometimes hard to concentrate when you know you have bits to do e.g. putting washing on. Wake up half an hour earlier, get all your chores done and then you can relax and concentrate”. – Megan Green, Content Strategist, UK

“I find going for walks or working in the garden helps clear my mind – they offer a lot of time for reflection” said Alex Stamp, Croud’s mental health and wellbeing action group co-chair. “It is important to take a step back and think about the things that could be having a negative impact on your mental wellbeing – from job demands and a busy schedule to relationship conflicts – whatever it might be, understanding what is impacting your wellbeing will not only help you to make a change, but it will help deflect those triggers if they reemerge in the future.” 

“What’s clear is that one size doesn’t fit all, and it is important to try and test different methods,” Emma Hunt, Croud’s other Co-chair added. “I find it so important to move my body! Whether it’s dancing round the kitchen to some music or working out in the gym, movement helps with that all important endorphin release which can help reduce stress and even improve our quality of sleep. Also, listening and singing (very badly) to music, especially whilst cooking dinner after a long day just makes my thoughts switch off”. 

To find out more about World Mental Health Day, how to get involved, or to access free resources, visit the Mental Health Foundation website. If you are struggling with your mental health and need help, here is a list of helplines across the world.

by Croud
10 October 2022



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