How to supercharge your ad copy with ad customisers

Ad customisers are the easiest way to generate tailored ad copy. By using them, we can tailor the ad copy based on device, ad schedule, geographic location, pricing or time left to a sale or event. We can even use a combination of these.

How it works

We can use a data feed with the information we would like to include in our ads, and tailor our ad copy using it.

This will simplify our ad copy, as each ad using ad customisers can have several variations. This makes it more scalable and a great way to test different messaging, without creating new ads.  

How to implement

Start by creating a new CSV file with the fields you want to use, for example:

You can find an ad customiser template with instructions here.

Upload your file to the business data option available in the shared library:

Select ad customiser data, and import your CSV file:

Your data will now be available in the library as shown below:

How to set up your new ad

Select the field where you would like to use your ad customiser and start by typing ‘{‘:

This will bring up the data from your data feed, and will allow you to select the fields you would like to use:

After selecting the fields you would like to use, your ad will look as below:

Top Tip

Please note the syntax to use an ad customiser is: {=YourFeedNameHere.YourAttributeNameHere:DefaultTextr}

By using the default text, we can ensure relevant messaging is shown even if the ad customiser is over the 30-character limit.

Cool things you can test

The possibilities to improve your ad copy with ad customisers are endless. Below are a few ideas around how to utilise this feature to improve your ad copy.

Countdown Ads

A countdown ad allows you to choose a message with the number of days or hours until an event. This type of message will allow you to create a sense of urgency, which will in turn help increase your click-through rate:

Scheduled Ad Copy

This is ideal when you have an offer available for a certain period of time, for example next-day free delivery on all orders until 5.30pm:

Mix and match – device targeting + location targeting + ad scheduling

Some of the most interesting tests we can do involve combining different targeting methods. This gives us the freedom to choose who we want to target, what device and where (geographical area).

It can allow us, for example, to display one message to a user searching for pizza, whilst on their mobile during the opening hours of your pizzeria and within a specific location. And a different message to a user searching on their laptop at home. The first user is more likely to be looking for a place to eat in, while the second might be more interested in pizza delivery.


As you can see from the above information, ad customisers are not only a great addition to any PPC account, they are super easy to implement; making our lives easier by allowing multiple variations of our ad copy with minimal effort.

So, go out and test as many ad customisers as you can think of and see and share the results!

by Tiago Faustino
27 March 2018



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