Fintech breakfast round-up: Driving scalable growth through digital

Last week we hosted a breakfast event alongside JaJa Finance and Google at our London HQ, which focused on using digital to drive scalable growth in the fintech sector.

Driving growth through digital

Jen Murphy, Account Manager at Google, and Martin Reed, PPC Account Director, spoke on how to drive scalable growth through the power of digital marketing.

Martin started out by stressing the importance of having clear KPIs from the outset: “When you’re looking at acquisition and growth, make sure you’re happy with a number you’re advising your agency to reach.”

He also noted that clients often have several, sometimes contradictory KPIs – from the number of people who create an account, to the volume of app installs, to ROI-based revenue. Whilst KPIs are likely to evolve over time as a business matures, having very clear KPIs and targets, which everyone across the business is bought into, is absolutely vital to success.

Using PPC as a litmus test

Martin also noted that paid search can be a great first port of call when launching digital marketing activity in a new market – for these three key reasons:

  1. Low barrier to entry: Whilst it’s sensible to allow some time to gain real learnings from the activity, you don’t need a creative team or 3 – 6 months for learning to settle; you can start with a credit card and get up and running in hours
  2. Broad reach and tools to target: You can target pretty much any country on the planet, and you can find out what it would cost and how much it would drive to a fair degree of accuracy.
  3. Tonnes of insight: Google’s audience data is incredibly valuable, allowing you to optimise current activity to a better CPA and target your next level activity.

He also touched on the importance of getting PPC and SEO to work closely together – something he discussed at length in a recent article for Search Engine Watch: How should PPC and SEO work together?

Embracing Universal App campaigns

With a growing number of fintechs offering online-only services, apps undoubtedly play an increasingly important role. In fact, Jen Murphy from Google shared that the value of transactions in apps is forecast to reach a massive $6.3 trillion by 2021.

Universal App campaigns (UACs) are a simple way of helping you reach your app goals. As Jen put it, “it really does the heavy lifting for you – it’s something you can set up within minutes and use to help drive your goals.” UACs are eligible to appear across Google’s properties – including Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network.You can find out more about UACs and other PPC app marketing opportunities in this Croud blog.

Going beyond demographics

Another key theme of the event was the importance of going beyond basic demographic information such as age and gender when defining and targeting your audience.

Targeting beyond general demographics is key to reaching the right audience.
Jen Murphy, Google

Google Audience data is collected over seven platforms, each with over 1 billion users, creating an increasingly rich network of data. Some of the audience data sets available include similar audiences, in-market segments, and detailed demographic data – spanning everything from parenting stages to homeownership status. Taking a smart, strategic approach to combining these various data sets to build your audiences will set your brand up for success.

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by Croud
27 March 2019



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