Croud’s SEO round-up: week four 2019

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What will the SERP of tomorrow look like? Four changes to prepare for today


SEW looks at changes that we can expect to see to the SERPs and how to prepare, this includes voice assistant/companion apps, visual search and augmented/virtual reality.

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3 lead generation tips for ecommerce businesses


SEW released a guide to improving lead generation through ecommerce sites, emphasising improving product descriptions with a focus on SEO, expanding and segmenting email lists and making use of remarketing emails.

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8 Free technical SEO tools you probably haven’t heard of


SEW put together a list of free technical SEO tools; these cover pagination testing, algorithm impact testing, schema generator, http status testing, redirection and hreflang tag generator and testing.

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Link building techniques that still work in 2019


Looking into 2019, SEW looks at which link building techniques that still work, including helping a reporter out, blogging about trending/hot topics, co-authoring, fix broken links with legacy backlinks, building link relations, turning mentions into backlinks and solving a problem through content.

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What goes up? What comes down? Winners & Losers of 2018


Research by Searchmetrics has revealed that the biggest winners on Google in 2018 were those sites with a focus on video content, Youtube in particular saw large growth, but also sites like BBC were boosted due to increase video content.

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IMRG Capgemini Sales Index – January

2019 25/01/2019

The latest Capgemini IMRG Sales Index reports that growth in December was the lowest month ever recorded in the UK (3.6% YoY), however the clothes market reported a 5.8% increase YoY, but electricals shrank by 16% YoY.

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Webinar: The 2018 Holidays Unwrapped


Data from Hitwise has indicated that searches for sustainability and environmental related terms saw a significant growth towards the end of the year in the UK – particularly around “palm oil”, “single use plastic” and “ethical fashion”.

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Focusing on the new Search Console


Google announced that it is dropping the old Search Console and outlined the upcoming changes to the new Search Console, this includes crawl errors, sitemap data, URL inspection, structured data reports per vertical, in addition to removing HTML suggestions, property sets, android apps and blocked resources.

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by Liam Phillips
31 January 2019



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