Croud’s SEO round-up: week five 2019

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YouTube Optimization: Complete Guide


SEW released a YouTube optimization guide; this includes understanding the ranking factors, how to conduct keyword research for YouTube, creating video for attention, how to optimize each element and tips on promoting the video.

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Long-form video: Brand builders should go beyond ‘snackable’ content in 2019


Econsultancy discusses the need for brands to switch from shorter “snackable” video content to longer form pieces; research by Pew Research Center demonstrated that Youtube has been shifting to favour longer videos, whilst 54% of smartphone viewer’s time is spent on videos over 20 mins (up 29% from 2016).

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Consolidating your website traffic on canonical URLs


Google has announced that at the end of March 2019 it will start to use (Google selected) canonical URLs within the Performance reports, with data backdated to January 2018; data from non-canonical URLs will shift to the canonical URL and data from the non-canonical property shift to the canonical property. Using the Google inspection tool will allow webmaster to view the canonical URL.

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Google My Business supports hotel check-in and check-out times


Google has added a way for hotel operators to communicate their check-in and check-out times in Google My Business.

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A New Domain Authority Is Coming Soon: What’s Changing, When, & Why


Moz is updating it’s Domain Authority metrics – this includes updates to their training set and algorithm as well as improvements to the model factors behind the score. They claim this will make the metric more accurate relative to the changes Google has made.

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by Liam Phillips
7 February 2019



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