Croudie stories: Chase Brown

Experienced actor and playwright, Chase Brown, joined the Croudie Network in 2019 and has since worked with Croud’s content, SEO and paid social teams. In this article, he shares his experience on the network thus far, and how the Croud Academy has allowed him to expand his remit of digital skills.

Just over a year ago, I wanted to kickstart a career in digital marketing, where I could help create digital content whilst working flexibly. However, despite my experience in writing and an eagerness to learn, I struggled to gain the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in the highly competitive world of freelance digital. It was at this point that I discovered Croud and the Croudie Network.

Croud Academy

Through the Croudie Network, I was given access to their online training centre – Croud Academy. The Croud Academy offers dozens of courses, covering all topics and aspects of the digital marketing industry. I remember spending the day in my pyjamas, completing every lesson and assessment that had sparked my interest. That evening, I shamelessly pestered my girlfriend and housemates with all the knowledge I had learnt about campaign creations and keyword research – much to their dismay. I became hooked – hooked with filling gaps in my digital marketing knowledge, whilst also gaining qualifications that could further my career. 

Variety of tasks

Whilst my skill set expanded, the opportunities through the Croudie Network rolled in. Now was my chance to flex my newly learnt skills by crafting engaging copy, compiling comprehensive research and developing exciting narratives for clients. And my enthusiasm was well noticed by the teams at Croud, which allowed me to further integrate within departments in the business and tackle a variety of tasks.  

Not to mention, every member of the Croud team is remarkably supportive and genuinely welcomed me into the digital industry. Whatever questions I may have, a member of the Croud team is always there for guidance and support. With each submitted task, I receive encouraging, constructive feedback that further contribute to my continual development. As a result, my horizons have been widened in a way in which I never would’ve expected.

Work flexibility

As a playwright and actor, my professional workload can often be quite unpredictable, so the ability to work flexibly is vital for me. As a Croudie I can control my own workload and essentially work from anywhere in the world – so long as I have wifi of course.  For example, recently I had to commit nearly four months to work on a play that was touring across Europe, and as a result, I couldn’t commit to many tasks on the network – which I feared would make me appear redundant. However, much to my surprise, upon completing the show I reached out to the Croudie Network team and was welcomed back with open arms, receiving assignments that very same day!

One year on

A year on from joining the Network, I can definitely see myself working with Croud for many years to come. Unlike other marketing agencies that I’ve come across, Croud is passionate and dedicated to fostering new talent and providing Croudies with both challenging and exciting opportunities. 

I can’t wait to open the doors to areas within the world of digital marketing that I’ve yet to have the chance to explore. And I’m fortunate enough to work with an agency like Croud, as part of the Croudie Network, that makes those opportunities possible. So much so, that my friends have become somewhat jealous of my ‘sweet gig’. The next thing I’d like to tackle within digital is social media, and with the endless courses available in the Croud Academy, covering Twitter, Facebook and Instagram advertising, I am eager to dive in. 

To find out more about the Croudie Network and how you can join us, get in touch.

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