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Work Experience at Croud4 min read

4 min read

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Throughout my four days here (the fifth day cut off by a company boat trip to Corfu), I’ve experienced some of the different sides of the agency across various tasks. On Monday, I sat in and took notes for meetings with the head of the MA course, the BA course and the CEO at Met Film School at Ealing Studios regarding new content and display being made for their website. That opportunity was a very fortunate coincidence as film production was another area I’d be interested in finding a career in! It was a lovely place and I enjoyed getting to know the heart of the process and planning that turns a physical location and all the going-ons within it into text and pictures on a website. I then learnt about collecting statistics from photography blogs, writing about their photos for the Wex Photographic competition, #WexMondays – which was eye-opening due to the immense planning and organisation that goes into these seemingly random invitations. Finally, on Wednesday and Thursday, I was given a research project of some location pages for an upcoming Australian travel agency, Book Top Deals. Collaborating in content creation for a real company carried more responsibility than before, but was still entertaining from being part of their creative process behind their marketing, even if only in a small part.

Given that exactly how SEO works is largely unknown to people outside the industry (or I just walked into this placement horribly unprepared), I learned an enormous amount over my four days here. I quickly discovered my previously understanding of SEO was only of the rudimentary “spammy,” now frowned upon, methods that a modern SEO agency wouldn’t engage in. This includes methods such as, cloaking pages featuring key words that Google spiders would see but unknown to the user, hiding words in similarly coloured backgrounds and buying repeated backlink profiles to boost search engine rankings.

It was fascinating to learn how close marketing online and SEO really are. Similarities include the importance of clarity when it comes to what a page is selling and having people talk about your brand online. These are far more helpful to boost Google search rankings as opposed to other methods of ‘Black Hat’ SEO I knew about before. Having my entire perception of what SEO was so radically changed was eye-opening and, looking back on it, pleasantly surprising as the websites people click on aren’t being controlled by companies cheating their way to the top, as I’d naively assumed. The importance of good SEO was also highlighted in my week here, learning that 99.9% of all traffic redirected by Google was from the first six listings on any search result and how violating Google’s quality assessments meant your website could be removed from listings entirely. Although I didn’t directly work with the Analytics or PPC teams, it was also thought-provoking to learn how much Google Analytics could track user’s activities on a website, and how this knowledge is then applied to drive sales and launch efficient and effective Google Ads.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Croud. Entering a world of which I previously knew so little about and getting to be involved in some of the tasks within. The people are all really friendly and reachable, setting the mood for a very focused yet relaxed office. I was very pleased with how much I got the opportunity of doing at Croud. Practicing the three presenting styles of:- in-note-form for a colleague, concise and informative for a client and persuasive and consistent for users to read, was quite satisfying too. I’d definitely now put more thought into going into work at a place like Croud after such a wonderful time and my first four-day taste of the working world.[/text_output][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][visibility type=”hidden-desktop”][gap size=”20px”][/visibility][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”ups-sidebar-2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]