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Keeping on top of breaking stories with Paid Search – Yasser Arafat Case Study1 min read

1 min read

Croud uses an immediate Paid Search response strategy to capitalise on breaking news and corresponding search patterns for our client. Danielle Monteil investigates…

After eight years of speculation regarding the cause and circumstances surrounding his death, today it emerged that Yasser Arafat – former Palestinian leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate – died of Polonium poisoning. An active and highly influential global figure dedicated to restoring peace in the Middle East, Arafat was a likely target for untoward measures and assassination tactics.

One of our clients Spirit Level Films has produced a fantastic series of films entitled the Price of Kings which considers the personal and professional struggles undergone by influential leaders in making considerable contributions to global society. The first of this three-part series documents the life of Yasser Arafat and highlights the mysteries and suspect circumstances surrounding his death in 2004.

In light of this breaking and highly topical news information surrounding his death, our team of dedicated PPC professionals have built out a selection of dedicated search campaigns to cover people searching keywords around his death to help drive greater awareness of the films.

As you can see in the screenshots (above and below), we are currently sitting pretty at the top of the search results for this particularly hot topic and already we are receiving interest in our ads as a result of this speedy response to topical news.