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The Power of the freelance network

The Power Of The Network2 min read

2 min read


Agencies often make bold claims about their ability to manage clients at a global scale. These claims tend to be based on those agencies either managing multiple markets from a handful of offices dotted around the world (rather than coverage in each market), leveraging partners or subsidiaries, or a combination of both. The result for the client is often a very inconsistent strategy, disjointed delivery and, as a result, poor performance.


Croud’s approach has always been different. By building our global network of digital experts around a core of talent in-house, we’re able to deliver both a centralised and consistent strategy, but also (and this is key) have digital experts on the ground in a huge number of markets across the globe (98 at the latest count). This gives us a reach and scalability that is difficult to rival for even the largest marketing agency. Yes, we have offices in the UK, New York and Sydney, but these are a consequence of building a business presence in that market for client acquisition, rather than operational strategy.


OK, so far so sales pitch, right? Fair enough. We wouldn’t be the first agency accused of hyperbole. And to be honest, whilst we know internally how the Croud network helps us deliver, it’s always been difficult to demonstrate the impact of this.

However, we recently created an online reporting dashboard for a global client (100+ locations), which includes a map of which markets we have delivered work for over the last 2 days. It’s a pretty simple visualisation, but it brought home just how effective the Croud model is at effectively delivering on a truly global scale.

The power of the freelance network

For all of these markets to be reached over a two day period, controlled and managed by a central team, with a clear and consistent strategy that is proving to drive growth (approx +15% year-on-year) is perhaps the best testament to the Croud model. No hyperbole required.