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The Importance of an Editorial Department3 min read

3 min read

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What Does an Editorial Department do?

Ever since I started at Croud in April 2015, the workload has never decreased. Croud is always acquiring new clients, building new accounts, adding new Croudies, adding new employees to an ever more impressive roster of markets, recognisable brands, skills, etc.

And then there’s us, the meek Editorial Department working from the shadows, providing assistance and our own skill-set.

We work with all of Croud’s PPC clients and we do a great deal of things (which may or may not surprise some people) and there is always room for more growth, training and development of our team. I think Alice (my lovely Editorial manager) would agree with me when I say that we both learn something new every day, something that will further help us in supporting the teams and in providing (hopefully) useful, quality work.

I’d like to think that we are essential in alleviating some of the stress and the workload that the teams are under. We help them with everything from account restructures, to keyword research, writing ad copy, reviewing content, search query reports, etc. Our primary function is to give the teams the extra bit of information and help they need to provide their clients with the top-notch work they expect and deserve.


Investing in talented Croudies

Another massive part of our job is to liaise with Croudies – our network of freelancers and provide them with the necessary instructions in order to turn them into reliable, quality employees. We organise sit-downs with them and discuss tasks extensively as well as train them to do specific work for us. I take great pride in the steps we have taken with the network and how we (Alice more than myself) have improved the way they work for us and the quality of the work they produce. We function as a buffer between Croudies and the teams, facilitating the small yet importantEditorial dept. step of liaising between the two, and ensuring information is carried over correctly and that tasks are completed to the best of their abilities.

Tying into the Croudie liaising part of our job-role, there is a lot of focus put on the training and development of the network. With the creation of the Croud Academy (more information to follow soon!), both myself and Alice have participated in the creation of instructional videos and accompanying documents which Croudies can then use to both learn new skills as well as do things “the Croud way”.

Although sometimes the quantity of work is overwhelming (due to the fact that we take on tasks from all of the PPC teams), the work we do is important to the further development of our team, the PPC teams and in providing clients with the prerequisites for growing their businesses.[/text_output][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][visibility type=”hidden-desktop”][gap size=”20px”][/visibility][vc_widget_sidebar sidebar_id=”ups-sidebar-2″][/vc_column][/vc_row]