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A Techy Poem To Make Your Day2 min read

2 min read

Technology is an important cornerstone of what we do here at Croud. Our Croud Control system is built and maintained in-house to help manage most aspects of our agency work. This allows us to co-ordinate tasks with our worldwide network of Croudies and provides account visibility for all of our clients. It also helps to make light work of managing budgets, costs, and margins. Our technology truly is Croud’s ‘secret sauce’, and what better way to pay tribute to it than in verse!


It’s an interesting job in the tech team of Croud

You may call us geeks but we’re really quite proud

Supporting our Croudies on six continents

Could make lesser techies quite incontinent


With cloud servers running all over the Earth

Our Croud Control system has power and girth

SQL replication and deployment scripts

Help prevent any synchronisational slips


Our data is stored with the greatest of care

Our security strong as a grizzly bear

Open authenticating each request

Lets our Croudies in, but excludes all the rest


Our passwords are encrypted with SHA256

No hacker could break with nefarious tricks

Our core databases are even locked away tight

Our data secure, even SQLite


Our brave gateway servers guard all of our doors

Blocking access to core without proper cause

The locks that bar entry to our DMZs

Ensure that we each can sleep well in our beds


With CentOS-based servers from AWS

An RDS database as you might guess

PHP7 and of course NGINX

It’s all cutting-edge, even better than…


Our customers all love our Croudie machine

Its efficient and fast, it’s strong and it’s lean

For digital marketing tasks big and small

Croud offers the most awesome tech for them all


When marketing managers need extra help

When pay-per-click advertising makes them yelp

When search-engine-optimising gives them fear

They need worry not, for Croud is right here

It’s our proprietary tech that allows us to maximise the efficiency of our teams. With efficiency tools, managing over 6,000 remote expert hours of work each month, constant monitoring of performance and much more we ensure our team can spend their time adding value and doing what improves our clients’ performance the most. If you’re interested in working with us, just get in touch!