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Study: What happens to Organic Results when Search Advertising is Paused?1 min read

1 min read

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you turned your search advertising off?

Many marketers may think that this would improve their organic results, as a consumer would opt to click on organic listings instead.

Google decided to conduct some research in the area, to find out what would happen if search ads were paused. Would clicks on organic results increase, and make up for the loss in paid traffic?

Google researchers looked at a number of different industries including Classifieds & Local, Retail, Finance and Technology.

After over 400 studies on paused search accounts, Google researchers found that 89% of the traffic generated by search ads was not replaced by organic clicks when the ads were paused.

Of course, this is not representative of all the possible factors which could drive ad spend decline but identifies a pattern among a large number of accounts.

The full study ‘Incremental Clicks Impact Of Search Advertising’ by David X. Chan, Yuan Yuan, Jim Koehler and Deepak Kumar can be found here.

Google Lego picture courtesy of Manfrys/Flickr