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Stories from the Croud – Stephanie5 min read

5 min read

Each month we have a catch up with one of our many amazing Croudies on the Croud network to see what they are up to and check in on life as a Croudie. This month we caught up with Stephanie from her sunny Balinese office (not jealous).

Travelling is in my genes. When I was a young girl my family moved several times between England, Germany and Wales. I attended high school, did my A-levels and degree in Germany and for my final year of University I decided to go back to the UK to complete my degree in Business & Marketing in the lovely town of Lincoln. One of the best years of my life.

When I finished university I had no idea what to do next… I decided to do something challenging and headed out to Spain. I always wanted to improve my Spanish and learn to speak it fluently. So why not, right?

Being brought up bilingual (English & German) it was easy to find a job in Madrid and I started working in Online Marketing. With my knowledge and experience in online marketing I moved to a different job where I was able to specialize in SEM. Although I liked what I did I started to get fed up of being stuck in an office and living in such a big and “stressful” city. After 4 years I knew it was time for something new again, something very different this time…

Having saved some money for years I decided to leave Europe… and left everything to live a more basic and quiet life somewhere on a beach in Asia. I travelled through India, Thailand and finally ended up in a small village on Bali in Indonesia. When I got there I knew that was it. I found a small affordable bungalow at the beach with perfect water for snorkeling and diving, which is a hobby of mine. The people are amazing, everyone is always smiling and they are so helpful. A friend told me about Croud and I decided to register with them to make this life more sustainable. Everything went pretty fast and there I was in this perfect little place with a job. I would never have imagined that everything would have turned out so well!

At first some of the tasks were a bit challenging for me but I soon understood how Croud works and if I had any doubts the team was always very supportive. The first client I worked on was FeelUnique. They have a website that offers all types of cosmetics, perfumes, makeup, etc. I like this client because of their wide range of products and of course being a woman it’s so much easier identifying myself with these products which helps a lot when creating new keyword lists and so on.

My tasks also include well known companies such as Fitflop, Coop Bank, Findmypast, MossBros and Woolovers. Woolovers is another enjoyable client for me as I work closely together with the account manager at Croud. We discuss what can be done with the account and I apply any changes we decide to make. My contribution and suggestions to each account are taken very seriously by Croud and it makes me proud to see that these are implemented.

At times I was in doubt whether working in SEM was really for me but I know now that it wasn’t the actual work that bothered me, it was the fact that my whole life revolved around work: Getting up early, coming home late to find yourself too tired to be doing anything else and enjoy life… I remember saying this to a previous colleague of mine, she laughed in my face and said “That is what life is!” – What? I thought. Not for me it wasn’t. Thank God it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Croud there is total flexibility with working hours. Some days I sleep in, others I get up early, there are no fixed times, just deadlines that need to be met, but even that is simple: If I think I cannot reach a deadline I ask for more time or I decline the task, it’s as simple as that, no questions asked. Recently I went back to Europe to visit family and friends, I knew that I would not have much time to work. I therefore told Croud that I would be working a few hours here and there only, which again was no problem.

An important aspect for me was the fact that I have always wanted a dog which simply wasn’t possible with a full-time job and living in a small apartment in a big city. Thanks to my new lifestyle I have been able to take on a Bali street dog. These dogs are in desperate need of a home. The street dogs here are in permanent danger of being killed. My puppy now has a great home with me and is lucky to have me around most of the day because I work from home. What more could we wish for?

You will have noticed that I am very happy with my decision to change my life and to work for Croud. Life has so much more to offer than being stuck in the same old routine day in day out.

Who knows how long I will stay here for or where I will go next… Luckily my office fits into a small bag and I can go anywhere in the world, as long as I have a wifi connection that is 🙂