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Stories from the Croud – Milka2 min read

2 min read

 Each month we have a catch up with one of our many amazing Croudies on the Croud network to see what they are up to and check in on life as a Croudie. This month we caught up with Milka.

How it all began…

It all started with a highly professional, yet friendly email from Croud. My first impression was great, and I knew right from the start that this would be a long lasting relationship in which we would all grow. It made a huge difference in my mind when they asked me to join the Croud network instead of asking me to work for them. After just a few tasks and interactions with in-house Supercroudies, I knew that the Croud philosophy: “No such thing as a great agency, just great people IN agencies” was more than just a phrase.

I’ve been a freelancer for five years and I think of it as a lifestyle. There is certain magic in the first part of the word – FREE. When you constantly feel wanderlust, like I do, freedom is the ultimate thing you seek. No matter if it is the Mediterranean coast, a snowy slope in the Alps or coffee shop in a crowded city square, the only thing I need is Wi-Fi, and the only weight I want to feel is the weight of my laptop. And that’s exactly what working with Croud gave me. Freedom is more than “just another word for nothing left to lose”, it is also when you willingly give what you value the most. I value my time, and so does Croud.

Croud stories

I was working for different clients from various niches in four languages, which forced me grow more than I could have ever expected. Was it challenging? Yes. But I like to put my little grey cells in action and accept challenges that will improve my knowledge in the long run. Fitting long German words into 25 or 35 characters motivated me to go from basic to almost fluent. I also learned how a single good marketing strategy can be applicable to various markets and how different parts can easily function as a whole, when working with a common purpose.

As a Croudie…

So, how does this adventure looks from a perspective of a passionate traveler?

Croud Stories

I was welcomed aboard with the Croud crew a year ago, as a PPC Croudie for the Serbian market. After a while, I got an opportunity to see the Regus offices in Vienna, and to catch a glimpse of both the stunning Net-a-Porter high-end fashion brand and FeelUnique in Germany. I then set off in my cozy FitFlop shoes to FindMyPast in the UK, which then brought me right to AussieFarmers.

I am very excited to find out where my next client stop is on this incredible journey.

Thank you, Croud!