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Social Media to Dominate London 2012 Olympics: Infographic1 min read

1 min read

The London 2012 Olympics is all set to kick off tomorrow with the Opening Ceremony taking place in the stadium at Stratford from 9pm.

This is the first Olympic Games that social media has been so dominant in the way we communicate with eachother. Although Facebook existed, it was not being used by brands and businesses to the extent it is now.

Twitter was brand new and being used by six million people worldwide – no where near the 500 million active users the platform gets now. Last night, Danny Boyle hosted a practice run of the Opening Ceremony last night and Twitter was awash with people using the hashtag #SaveTheSurprise and resisting revealing any spoilers about the 3 hour spectacle.

iProspect, a digital performance agency in London, have created the infographic below which predicts how big an impact social media is going to have on the Lodnon 2012 Olympic Games.

Once the Opening Ceremonies commence on July 27th, for 17 days more than 32,000 content creators including 11,000+ athletes and 21,000 media broadcasters will be in London Instagramming, Tweeting and otherwise documenting The 2012 Olympics Games, like never before.

How will you be following the Games?

Post written by Alison Battisby, Head of Social Media at Croud.