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Shaun’s Juice Bar experience2 min read

2 min read

Graduate mail-shoots are usually a chore, a list of jobs that fail to inspire. Google in Liverpool, however, is a headline that you cannot ignore and I am glad that I didn’t. It has been five weeks since I started working at the Juice bar and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it.

I have always been interested in digital marketing so this is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the different disciplines. It has certainly wetted my appetite to learn more. The power of pay per click, search and the even greater potential it may hold in the future has astounded me. Likewise the sway social media can have on people. It has become a slight obsession of mine to seek out the social media buttons on websites, to see if they are prominently displayed, and that they actually point to the right pages. They have even started cropping up in print media!

Fulham FC manager Martin Jol in front of an advertising board including Facebook and Twitter logos.I have enjoyed all the meetings with businesses so far. One particular session I enjoyed was with two ladies from A small, Liverpool based business working hard to sell products that they have manufactured and were passionate about. The ladies were so eager to learn about everything it was very difficult to keep their meeting within the allotted time! It would be a personal achievement to see one of the Juice bar Businesses go on to achieve greater success as a consequence of one of the Juice bar sessions.The Google Crew, as penned by Erin in last weeks bog, is a fun group to work with. Everyone gets along really well and no one is averse to a ribbing.

In the next few weeks I am looking forward to travelling around Merseyside to the different locations that the Juice bar will be visiting. I have earmarked Blackburn House on the 2nd November for its minimal distance to good lunch haunt The Quarter.

Blackburne House in 1900 – Now a hub for digital experts

I hope that after the juice bar finishes I will be able to use my experience to gain further employment within Digital Marketing. The work we are doing at the moment I am really enjoying. I am in a fortunate position where the advice that we give is completely free, and we are not trying to sell anything. In fact it seems like whenever I chance into someone I end up telling them about the juice bar and persuading them to sign up. Hopefully you will too!