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SEO vs. PPC: Which is better?2 min read

2 min read

Croud’s Editorial Manager Alice Wilkinson, gives a brief overview of the on-going debate on whether businesses should be concentrating more on SEO or PPC.

Is PPC or SEO more effective in improving sales? This is a debate that is consistently argued when advertising online; which is easiest to do, which is faster to implement for visible results and which is, of course, the better option for your business.


Top-line pros & cons

PPC Pros

  • Immediate visibility
  • Total control over your costs – you only spend as much as you want to
  • Precise keyword targeting
  • Receive precise facts and figures quickly
  • You can control where and when your ads will be displayed

PPC Cons

  • Broad matching to irrelevant queries costs you money per click
  • Bid price inflation – to stay ahead of your competitors is ever on the rise
  • Click through fraud – malicious clickers wasting your money

SEO Pros

  • Zero cost per click
  • 60-80 % of people trust the ‘main’ listings more so than the paid ads
  • To improve your rank means improvements to your site therefore increases the likelihood of people finding what they are looking for and buy!
  • Delivers on-going ROI over the long-term


SEO Cons

  • Visible results are slower to see than PPC
  • There is no guarantee where your ad will rank and how quickly it will grow through the ranks

Both options have good postives but they also have some downsides which as a business would make it difficult to decide which practice to adopt for your online marketing – the easy answer is to get busy with both!

Merging together your PPC and SEO is certainly the best way to achieve your goals you can

  • Dominate both paid and unpaid listings for more visibility
  • Utilise effective keywords that have given instant results in PPC in your SEO
  • Converting paid ad text content can be incorporated into your site
  • Use effective optimisation in SEO from your PPC account

By making the strengths and weaknesses of each method work together there is a higher likelihood of dominating the landscape in both the paid and unpaid listings for relevant searches and consequently a much higher rate of conversions, which of course you want! Sharing the data gained from your PPC and SEO strategies alongside the correct management, resources and budget you can achieve more in a shorter space of time – It’s a win, win situation! So ignore the debate on PPC vs. SEO it should always be PPC AND SEO.

At Croud this is something we passionately understand and work hard as a team to offer what is right for your business. To find out more about Croud’s SEO and PPC services, get in touch here