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McDonald’s Admit to Using Photoshop on burgers: Brave or Stupid?1 min read

1 min read

This week fastfood giant McDonald’s was asked by a customer “Why does your food look different in the advertising than what’s in the store?”.A great question, and one we have found ourselves moaning about in the past. Traditionally, you would expect a huge brand to ignore the question, or sweep it under the carpet. However as part of a new initiative to be more transparent, McDonald’s released this insightful video from behind the scenes of a burger photoshoot.

It shows them carefully touching up the burger, using a blowtorch to melt the cheese and even injecting ketchup! Finally they use Photoshop to touch up the burger.

Do you think this was a stupid move for McDonalds?

Here at Croud we think it’s really positive to see brands being honest about what happens behind the scenes and treating their customers with respect. Let’s be honest, we all suspected they used Photoshop – so why not just be honest about it? Good on you Maccy D’s.

It’s a shame they have disabled comments on the YouTube video though!

Watch the video now >> Behind the scenes at a McDonald’s photo shoot