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Life as a Croud apprentice:

Life as a Croud apprentice: A 17-year-old’s journey4 min read

4 min read

Caitlin Verrilli joined Croud as an Operations Executive early this year.  In the short amount of time that she’s worked for the company, Caitlin’s proved to be a vital member of the team. We predict a bright future for this ambitious apprentice.

Leaving school

Throughout school I always used to worry about the future; everyone around me always seemed so sure, like there was a master ‘plan’  that promised a bright future that all my peers were privy to except me. I felt so overwhelmed at the prospect of school ending and my classmates gliding confidently off into the unknown bliss of adult life, while I was left behind. In a last-minute attempt to help me find my way, I enrolled into Shrewsbury Sixth Form. I was confident that I would find the answers here and took on subjects that I had previously excelled in: Geography, Health and Social Care and Sociology.

College vs work

However, college just didn’t live up to my expectations. I had hoped to make new friends, but above all else pave the way to my shiny new future, but it just didn’t come. I have always been a worker and really thrived in environments where I could work, learn, and earn. Being raised in a single parent household had instilled in me the value of hard work, and from the age of eleven I enthusiastically took on anything I could get my hands on, from doing a paper round to dog walking to volunteering at the local charity shop. I prided myself on being financially independent and enjoyed being able to help support my family.

During my school days I was always very popular, with a large group of friends, but out of the group, I was only one who had a job, and not just one job – I had two! I enjoyed being busy and juggled education, homework, two part-time jobs and an active social life.

Three evenings a week I taught young children to swim after school, followed by homework and exercise. Then on Saturdays, I worked in a hair salon in town with my mum. You may think that I felt pressured to work so many different jobs and hours, but in truth I loved it. I got on well with my colleagues and best of all I never had to ask for money, unlike my friends who were dependent on their parents.  

The next chapter

After only a few months of studying for my A-levels, I decided that college was definitely not for me and in December I left, taking a month out to decide what I really wanted to do. In this time I continued to work at my two jobs, but after a month I slowly realised I wanted more. Even though I loved working at the salon and the swimming pool, I couldn’t see myself doing this for the rest of my life, so I started applying for local jobs and apprenticeships. Casting my net wide, I even signed up for the Navy!

The process was laborious but I was determined to find my dream job, whatever that might be. After what seemed like a never-ending process of applying and interviewing for jobs, I discovered Croud, and from that point, everything changed.

Everything about the role, the environment and company’s employee focus called to me. As soon as I got home I called my mum and prematurely told her that this was the job for me.

My life at Croud

Out of all the interviews that I had been to, this felt different. I felt so comfortable and at home. A few days later I received an email notifying me that I have been called for a second interview and was later successful and offered the job. I was ecstatic and couldn’t believe that all of my hard work had finally paid off.  

Being at Croud has taught me so much more than I ever thought I would learn. Working for a global company has broadened my horizons and opened my eyes to possibility. My role at Croud requires me to engage in many different skill sets and has expanded my knowledge and helped me to flourish.

When I first joined the company I was incredibly shy. Being the youngest person in the company aged only 17, working at Croud was pretty intimidating. I just didn’t know what to expect or know how people would take to me. But all of my inhibitions were soon eradicated once I got to know the team. From day one everyone was so welcoming. I was promptly paraded around the office and introduced to all the members of the team. I was so curious to hear of everyone’s experience and how they enjoy their time at Croud. Needless to say, the employees left a glowing review.  

The thing I love most about Croud is that even though I’m the youngest member of the team, I am treated with respect and as an equal.

I just knew that I would love life as a Croud apprentice and I was right. I’ve enjoyed every second being here, learnt so much and have definitely made the right decision. Dropping out of college and taking on an apprenticeship is my biggest and best achievement to date and I would recommend it to everyone!