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Juice Bar 101 at Business 2012: SEO3 min read

3 min read

“Juice you say? I’ll have a Start-up Sensation please…”             

And so it began.

March 18th marked the launch of the long-awaited Business 2012; a three-day series of lectures, seminars and workshops packed with fantastic networking and business-development opportunities for SMES and bigger brands.

Naturally, Croud played a key role at this event – our presence largely evident at the Google Juice Bar – by far the most popular exhibition at Business 2012!  The Juice Bar’s enviable success can be attributed to its advantageous offerings – bespoke digital advice to business owners and a side order of stimulating fresh fruit juices – the Start-up Sensation and Business Booster.  Notwithstanding two hour queues and a freezing venue, our sixteen digital marketing experts powered through over 440 one-to-one consultations throughout the event.

Google Juice Bar Business 2012

Two measures SEO, one measure PPC and a pinch of Social Media. Whatever the objective, the Juice Bar team can help you identify the digital blend that’s right for your business.  For those of you who missed out, the following includes a few of the top Juice Bar SEO queries. In the following weeks, we aim to complete the Google Juice Bar 101 series, so watch this space!  

Interestingly, a huge proportion of Juice Bar enquiries were related to SEO:

“I can’t find my website on Google”, “Why is my site not ranking high in the search listings?”, “How can I improve my SEO?” just to name a few…

The bad news is that there are few Google-approved ways of getting your website to the top of the search engine. At the end of the day, Google’s primary objective is to provide the most relevant content to its users. Following from this, any strategy that interferes with the algorithm or steers the results away from the most relevant search listings is – from a Google perspective– unethical, and anti-Google policy. Thus, in order to warrant a top position in the organic search listings, a website has to – for want of a better word – prove itself more relevant to a given search query than the other 200 million websites available.

Alas, all is not lost however. The good news is that there do exist certain Google-approved strategies (and others less approved…), that can help you achieve a better spot in the organic search listings.  Firstly, let’s look at the Google-approved options. Google uses digital tools called robots to scan website text and coding for elucidating themes and relevance.  It is essential to develop your website with both the user and robot in mind for maximised SEO benefits.

For example, a visibly appealing website in which none of the image files are named with a relevant title/description will mean very little to the Google robot. Similarly, the descriptive text, meta-tags and website content should be clearly themed, including relevant keywords where possible.  Keyword spamming however, is also against Google policy so it is important to strike a relevant balance in the content.  Google rewards fresh content so hosting a blog and other frequently updated pages – testimonials, reviews, etc. – on your site ensure that the robot is continually returning to your website to re-assess content and relevance.

Some quick tips:

  • Create unique, accurate page titles
  • Make use of the “description” meta-tag
  • Improve the structure of your URLs
  • Make your site easy to navigate
  • Offer quality content and services
  • Write better anchor text
  • Optimise your use of images
  • Use heading tags appropriately
  • Notify Google of mobile sites
  • Guide mobile users accurately
  • Promote your website in the right ways
  • Make use of free webmaster tools

Owing to Croud Control, we can provide high quality digital marketing expertise at cost-effective prices.  For follow up from Juice Bar 101, stay tuned as we will be covering Paid Search and Social Media in the coming weeks.

If you have any further queries on best practice SEO guide, we can offer bespoke consultancy and help you achieve better results, ensuring a better ROI. All you need to do is submit an enquiry here, and we will aim to get back to you within a working week.