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Is Freelancing Right For You?3 min read

3 min read

The Croudie network boasts many a Digital Specialist living in all corners of the globe. I might sound like Uncle Sam rallying the troops but if you are a digital specialist who is:

  • Tired of working for people you dislike
  • Wanting to work the hours that you want
  • Wanting to work in a location that suits you (must have Wi-Fi)

Then maybe the Croudie Network is the best place for you to utilise your digital marketing skills. We have all heard the fairy-tale story of the person who quits their job and flies off into the sunset. They are now a freelancer working remotely in a café sipping on a latte (no sugar) staring at the Eiffel Tower laughing at the terrible wage they were receiving from their old desk job. I cannot promise you that life as a Croudie but what I can guarantee is hassle free working.

As a Croudie, you have a choice of what you want to work on. You have complete control of your time. Whether you sleep all day or you are a parent who can only work during school hours, you are in charge. After all, as long as you complete the work to a high quality, before the deadline, that is all that matters.

“Working as a Croudie enables me to still be a full-time mum to my 3 children and to work part time. I previously worked in retail management a job that I knew I couldn’t continue once I had children.”

– Joanna Martin

Is freelancing right for you

More hours, more money – As a Croudie you have the flexibility of multiple income streams. If you have all the hours under the sun and want to earn as much as possible then this is very much possible.  If the work is available and you have the correct skill set then you could be earning alongside your job for that special rainy day. We also have many freelancers that work “Full time” with us as well- if you have the skills and the time then working as a Croudie can be very rewarding.

Once you sign the NDA and agree an hourly rate, we take no fee from your wage working with us. You have the freedom to spend your earnings on yourself. (DisclaimerIt is up to you to inform the tax authorities about your extra income).

“Working as a freelancer for Croud has completely changed my life. I now live in Bali where I am able to work from my terrace and overlook the sea. It has allowed me to escape the daily routine of a full-time job and live life to its fullest whilst still earning money. When I travel I take my work with me.”

– Stephanie Forrester

Is freelancing right for you 1

As a Croudie you have no obligation to report to an office and you skip the daily commute which we all obviously love. The opportunity to choose where you want to work sounds perfect… and of course it is. We have many Croudies, from those who work remotely from their own home, to Croudies working on the white sand beaches of Bali.


Becoming a Croudie can offer you the opportunity to learn, earn and travel. So why not sign up today and join the network or send a CV to