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Interning At Croud2 min read

2 min read

Having never worked in marketing before, with my previous experience centering on journalism, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect upon joining Croud in June as the SEO & Content intern. What I definitely didn’t expect – other than sofas in the office and a freezer loaded with ice-lollies – was how genuinely passionate everyone is about not just their roles, but everyone else’s too.

This is not a company where people slump in their seats, eying the clock in despair and then dashing off at 5:30 on the dot. Instead, there is infectious energy and an enthusiasm for learning that I doubt can be rivaled at many other agencies. At least, not from an agency that also manages to host its own summer festival for its teams (Croudfest!) and brainstorm sessions out in the (somewhat rare for London) blazing sun.




So, what can I expect from working at Croud?

In short, encouragement. Despite being a total novice as a new graduate, I have never once felt deterred from undertaking any task thanks to the support of my team, who never think a question is too silly or don’t have enough time to explain something for the umpteenth time.

In the space of my first two weeks, I had already visited Google HQ twice, for various industry events, been given the lowdown on just about everything a new marketer should be reading, and even been informed the deadline for this blog post! The result? An intense, yet fully guided transition into a brand new, digital world.

At Croud, you do not simply stick within your team without the faintest idea of what everyone else is up to. You are encouraged to discover how each cog works: so if you work in SEO, you will soon find yourself chatting to the Head of Analytics about how what they do affects what you do. Even if you don’t get around to everyone, Friday’s weekly ‘Crouded House’, wherein the entire office participates in a (often very jovial) catch-up, will leave you with a pretty good idea of who does what.


What are you waiting for?

 Joining Croud should not be met with hesitance. After all, as Google’s fastest growing agency, with offices across the world, there is a freshness to the Croud ethos that only serves to stimulate creativity and not stifle it, as is the case with many other companies. You might be expected to learn how each cog works, but you will never feel like a cog and instead made to feel like your contribution truly matters.

In a world where innovation is at the forefront of everything, in the same way that there is an app for everything, there has never been a better time to join an agency that really does do things a little bit differently.

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