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How Best to Optimise your Google Places Listing1 min read

1 min read

Whilst setting up a Google Places account adds to your online presence, it does not necessarily guarantee that your business will be prominently displayed on search engine results pages. In order to increase your online visibility you need to optimize your account. Here a few simple tips to help you optimize:

1. Content
When setting-up and editing your Google Places account, make sure you fill in all the fields, as well as any additional info, images and videos. Google wants to create the best user experience, and in most instances the user will have a better experience if there is more information on the Places page. However it is also important to keep the information accurate and consistent throughout – don’t make your places page confusing.

2. Keywords
Keywords are the main method by which Google matches a search query to a places page. For example if a user enters the search term, “leather shoe shop, Old Street”, Google will return places pages that include these or similar terms somewhere on their listing. It is therefore important to strategically place your keywords within your site. However it is very important not to overload your site with keywords, Google does not look kindly on spammers.

3. Encourage Reviews
Developing an online dialogue with your customers is one of the best ways to enhance your listing. Whilst it is sometimes difficult to encourage good reviews directly through your page, try and ask your followers on Facebook and Twitter to review your business. Alternatively advertise your page within your shop.