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Google Launches AdWords Express for Small Businesses in the US2 min read

2 min read

Google has launched a new program in the US, AdWords Express, making it easier for local businesses to start utlising search advertising.

Google AdWords Express has been specifically designed for the small business owner who wants to stand out in their local community, but does not want to spend a huge amount of money in search advertising.

It is essentially a hugely slimmed-down version of Google AdWords, allowing small businesses to promote themselves and their locations – with a heavy emphasis on getting a listing in Google Maps.

Google AdWords Express offers a simple and fast option for small business owners, and specifically those who have no prior experience or knowledge in search, or pay-per click advertising.

The program really is ideal for a small business that want to be present if someone is looking for a service in their local area. It is not ideal for companies with more than one shop, or who are primarily looking to get a huge boost in online traffic.

Google has said that the setup process is straightforward and takes ‘under five minutes’. The Google AdWords express techonology has been built to create just a handful of ads for a business, and automatically manages them.

Adwords Express lets business owners write their own advert. This means that you can choose your headline, what information about your small business is detailed in the copy and whether or not you wish to include a telephone number.

Even if you don’t have a website you can allow your adverts to link to a Google Places listing where more information such as opening hours could be detailed.

Adwords Express has been tested before under the name of Boost, but now has been released officially in the US. Google has not confirmed a release date for the United Kingdom yet, but we are sure it won’t be long.

Here at Croud we think it’s a great step for Google in their drive to help smaller businesses advertise online.

However these adverts will only get a business so far. With Google managing and optimising the account automatically and behind the scenes, there is no opportunity to gain key learnings about what your customers look for online and how they find you.

Croud’s proposition is all about human interaction. We value our team’s skills in search advertising and are confident that we can bring valuable experience and results to your business on a broader scale.

Click the link for more information on Google AdWords Express.