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Getting British Business Online: Google Juice Bar 2012 Launches in Cardiff3 min read

3 min read

This week we have a special edition blog by our Commercial Director, Luke Smith who is also a former employee of Google London. When the founders of Croud got together, the vision was to provide cost effective solutions to SME’s and get them to embrace digital to improve sales. And that’s why Croud is partnering with Google with an aim to get small to medium sized businesses online.

               Digital Marketing Consultants at the Juice Bar

A lot of small businesses are aware of various digital tools like PPC, Social Media and SEO but they are not entirely sure if it’s worth the investment for a small sized business like theirs. Surely, why wouldn’t they question it? Most businesses around them are not making the most by investing online and several others regard this as a waste of money.

A recent survey conducted by and YouGov on 500 small businesses in the UK concluded that only 18% of actual Google AdWords users business sales exceeded the cost of AdWords, which is stupendously low and that’s why Croud is here to support Google as a part of ‘Getting Welsh Business Online‘.

Through the Google Juice Bar in Cardiff, Google’s aim is to encourage more Welsh businesses to get online as figures show about 40% of small firms have no website – therefore highlighting a real opportunity for Welsh Businesses to stand apart. The plan behind the travelling Google Juice Bar is to offer free one-on-one digital health checks and workshops, tutorials and hands-on advice to small business owners, including how to acquire a web presence or improve the one they already have.  It is hoped that at least 1,000 firms will develop a website through the Juice Bar.

No matter what size your business is, keeping quiet and being just a ‘brick’ is not an option today, as we are experiencing a ‘digital revolution’. People are talking about your company or bidding on your keywords – right now as you read this article! And it’s your time to join the dialogue and focus on how to earn the clicks and Likes and convert these into positive sales figures.

                         Launch Event of Getting Welsh Business Online

At an economic climate like this where businesses are fighting to survive and stand apart from each other, there is no better space than digital which offers you the transparency in terms of return on investment. And that’s why we are going to be helping Welsh businesses by responding to their queries, setting them up a Google Adwords account and offering bespoke consultancy in PPC, Search and Social Media. Our digital marketing consultants will have all the answers to your questions and it really is great in terms of learning and educating yourself about digital marketing. The Google Juice Bar in Cardiff is taking place at St Line House in Cardiff, so feel free to book here and come say hello to us!

Croud would specially like to mention Dan Cobley, Managing Director of Google UK for providing us with such an exciting opportunity of partnering with Google. The Juice Bar in Cardiff is the second initiative by Google and Croud after the success of the Juice Bar in Liverpool last year. And this May, we are only getting bigger and better with our travelling Juice Bar coming to London – definitely one of the biggest business events to watch out for in 2012. As a kick start launch to our London event, we will also be at the Business 2012 which will feature the world’s most successful business guru’s like Richard Branson and Lord Sugar. We hope to see you there as it’s a great opportunity to learn how to spearhead your business.

If you have any questions regarding our presence at Business 2012 or Google Juice Bar Cardiff and London, feel free to get in touch with us here!