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I Pity The Fool This April. Our Favourite Pranks of 20153 min read

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1. The tech giant has done it again! The pranksters at Google HQ have nailed it this year with a series of different stunts including the mirror image homepage and the mailbox equivalent to the smartphone.

Google Maps has to take the biscuit this year though! Google Maps turn real streets into the classic arcade game: Pacman. Users can access PacMan by clicking the icon in the bottom corner on Google Maps.


2. This year Uber and Tinder have joined forces in, what we sincerely hope, is a cringe worthy April Fools prank. You can request an Uber through the Tinder App to meet your new love interest. Also, if you make a Tinder match with your driver he will split the fare with you. Who says romance is dead?


3. Gadget Shop Firebox is selling Smart ePants to those fools out there, which contains a microchip stitched into the front and back, allowing people to carry their Oyster card in your underwear, meaning you have to rub up against the reader.


4. For the selfie loving April fools out there, Miz Mooz, the shoe designer, has created the latest in innovative footwear. PR genius!


5. Why play us like that Costa coffee? Those jokers have made fools out of us all by dangling the temptation of a short 15-minute nap with your caramel latte in front of us.


6. Samsung has taken ‘creating razor sharp technology’ to another level this year with the creation of the ‘Galaxy blade edge’, which has the smartphone abilities of the S6 but doubles as a chef’s knife.


7. Barclaycard anything is the new service which allows you to turn anything into a contactless way to pay.


8. London eye has also jumped on the bandwagon with their faux opening of a new zero-gravity capsule on the London eye.


9. Newspapers love a good April Fools gag and this year is no exception. The Guardian got in there early with a story on how Jeremy Clarkson had become the latest celebrity to support the fossil fuel divestment campaign. His guilt over TopGear must have really got to him.


10. Amazon has created a product so ridiculous it must be an April Fools! This PR stunt has everyone talking. They have created a single button that can be placed anywhere in your home and connects to your Wi-Fi. You can then use it with the Amazon mobile shopping App to make sure you never run out of that assigned product in your home! No Joke!

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