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How does the new Facebook Timeline affect your Business?4 min read

4 min read

In accordance with the Timeline update on your personal Profile Pages, Facebook announced on the 29th February that all brand Pages could now switch to Timeline. This has been a much talked about Social Media reform in 2012 and now many marketers are posing the question – How does the Facebook Timeline affect us? Here are Croud’s 6 quick tips. 

The most brilliant function of the new page layout is that it helps you interact more easily with your Facebook fans, plug in enhanced graphics and make the page more visually appealing and also it has the capability to feature posts at the top of the wall, and private messages fans.

Recent studies have claimed that majority of the time spent on Facebook is on the News Feed (Home tab) where users read and engage with content. Croud believe the reason why Facebook has introduced this feature to brands now is to encourage people to spend more time on brand Pages and explore content within the pages and timelines.

1.       Cover Photo

The most amazing feature of the Timeline is the big canvas designed to grab a visitor’s attention when they land on your page. With the tabs and photo strip being taken down, this is where most of the brands have to express their creativity. We think it’s best to have something eye catching as the Cover Photo and then have your Profile Picture as your company logo/assets.

The new Cover Photo view acts as a gateway to your page – almost performing the role of a Newspaper Masthead. However, it’s worth noting that there are some guidelines issued by Facebook in regards to your Cover Photo:

  • No price, discounts or purchase information,
  • No call to action
  • No contact information as this is intended for the ‘About Us’ section
  • No references to Like or Share, or any other Facebook site features.
2.       Pins and Page View

For those of you who recently spent ages customising a landing page, this has now moved to tabs below your page’s Cover. We think this is a really bold move on Facebook’s part as now the landing page will always be the Timeline view as opposed to a particular message or app.  This move will definitely have some early repercussions in terms of reduced engagement with signup widgets and contests.

However, the new Timeline Page provides you with the feature to draw user’s attention via a pinned post.  This means that you have the option to pin posts on the top of the feed for upto a week. So if you are announcing any discounts, offers, competitions – this is a great space to pin it up! 

3.       Get Private messages from users

With the new ‘Message’ button on your Timeline page, you have the option to have a one-on-one conversation with your audience.  This button will be great in terms of customer service and interaction with consumers and generally how you can deal with sensitive issues in a more private space instead of worrying that everyone can view the content.

4.       Highlight Brand Mentions

Tagging venues or brands in status updates along with ‘@’(mentioning brands/venues) is quite popular these days. Thus, users are having a direct conversation with the brand. The new Timeline feature helps you select content that you want to display on your page from your consumers and post the great things people are talking about you.

5.       Show off your Story, Growth and Milestone

This is where we think Brands have a real advantage as they can go back in time and show what they were and what they have become today. Coca-Cola and Manchester United have executed this beautifully by going back as far as 1890’s and 1908 respectively, and hence showing key brand developments.

You can also highlight an important moment that your brand has had and create a Milestone.

6.       Activity Log – The new Admin Panel

Facebook’s new Activity Log helps you manage your posts much better. This administration panel lets you hide and reveal posts, “star” posts to feature them, and change postdates.

If this entire change still seems a bit fuzzy and complicated, we are offering bespoke consultancy on how to best deal with Facebook Timeline changes. Get in touch for more information.

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