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Enhanced Campaigns Migration: Were you prepared enough?4 min read

4 min read

Croud’s Emma (@emmystock) discusses the recent Enhanced Campaigns migration, how it will affect your Paid Search activity and four questions you or your agency should have discussed.  


On Monday 22nd of July, whilst everyone else was talking about that Royal Baby, we were talking about that other big announcement… Enhanced Campaigns.

Enhanced Campaigns

It’s been a long wait since Google revealed the plans of their new Adwords platform in February, but finally this week every Google Adwords campaign became ‘enhanced’.

Hopefully though you or your agency have been prepared for Enhanced Campaigns and will have already migrated your adwords account manually prior to automatic migrations (if not then you should probably change agency, good job we can recommend one)

Manually implementing the migration yourself allows you to control your bid adjustments and ensure that all similar campaigns are merged correctly. Those advertisers who have chosen to do nothing, have had their campaigns migrated now anyway – and while untangling the campaigns isn’t onerous, it will undoubtedly cost more to leave it as is while deciding what to do or making the necessary amends.

Plus the phase between the announcement and the automatic migration was there to give you the chance and the time to migrate your accounts. Those who have failed to utilise this time to set up will likely continue any bad habits and inefficiencies in a rush to “convert” and regain “control” over their bid adjustments/campaigns, ultimately losing money and no one wants to lose that.

So what does Enhanced Campaigns mean for Paid Search and how is it affecting your businesses’ paid search activity? Well we’ve put together four common questions and answers we’ve been discussing with our clients.

What does Enhanced Campaigns mean?

Enhanced campaigns means advertisers have the ability to manage bids across devices, locations and times of the day – all from a single campaign using bid adjustments.  This helps you reach your most valuable customers and connect with them anytime, anywhere and from any device.  You can set multiple bid adjustments to target what’s most important to you, and Google AdWords will then automatically determine the best ad to appear.

Therefore, there are benefits if you take the time to understand how this affects your brand and set your PPC campaign accordingly.

Why does Enhanced Campaigns exist?

enhanced campaignsAlthough Enhanced Campaigns has been debated about for months in industry forums, it is now here to stay, so let us get used to it and use it efficiently. Managing and serving ads from the same campaign across different devices makes sense as customers are now expecting a seamless brand experience across devices.

Location is also playing an important part. In different contexts the location effects can work differently. If you’re a bricks and mortar location then Location Bid Adjustments allows you to bid higher for people in less than a mile radius from your location. Or if you’re targeting a specific city then users within travelling distance would be a higher priority.

Why am I no longer bidding on tablets?

One of the most controversial changes that came along with Enhanced Campaigns is that Google no longer differentiates between tablet and desktop searches. Now the base bid that is assigned to desktop devices will automatically be applied to tablets too. Google defends their decision stating that Searchers are swapping desktops for tablets as their home computers. Therefore, search activity and ad performance on desktop and tablets are similar. Supporting Data from Monetate found that in Q2 2012 conversion rates on desktop and tablet were very similar at 3.34% and 3.17% respectively.

Am I underestimating the Value of Mobile?

Mobile PPCA lot of our new clients would say that they value desktop clicks over those on mobile devices, believing this leads to higher rate of conversions. However, as a number of recent statistical studies have shown, Mobile browsing is becoming ever more popular and showing no signs of slowing down. A recent report from Netbiscuits ‘People’s Web Report’ said that 25% of consumers spend more than six hours a day on the mobile web, while seven per cent said they spend more than 12 hours.

When we actually do the work of measuring out the value of mobile and they see how mobile activity is performing in our transparent tech – Croud control, they realise that they have underestimated mobile.

Therefore it’s important to assess the data and work out exactly how valuable mobile is for your business and adjust your bid strategy accordingly!


Enhanced campaigns is the biggest change to happen to AdWords in recent years, so hopefully your Paid Search agency are prepared will have talked you through the essentials of Enhanced Campaigns and how this affecting your Paid Search activity. If they’re not and you realise you deserve better then speak to us, we can help.

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