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Our Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 20174 min read

4 min read

2016- What a rollercoaster for everyone in all industries! Glad that is over. But here at Croud we always like to look forward and not backwards. That’s why we have taken the time to pull together some of the top digital marketing trends in a nutshell that we see on the horizon for 2017!

 Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Mobile first

We know you hear this every year, but it really is a reality that the desktop computer is fast becoming a piece of office equipment. We now use smartphones and tablets far more frequently for our personal online pursuits, and it’s clear that Google, Bing, clients and agencies are all paying attention.

With the announcement of mobile-first indexing, the self-proclaimed keepers of the internet made their intentions crystal clear. It’s time for that shift to a mobile world that seemed so futuristic just a few short years ago.

Digital marketers are well aware that mobile represents a massive chunk of the traffic pie yet are still tailoring their efforts towards a desktop audience. This coming year, we will see a change in focus with many adopting a mobile-first approach to their marketing.

Content will remain King

We’ve heard it a thousand times that content is king. There’s simply no denying that, in our current content-hungry climate, the marketer with the most unique, high-quality content will dominate digital marketing.

In a booming gig economy, the time has never been more vital to outsource, an area where we here at croud pride ourselves on with the use of our croudies! Finding the most creative talent is hard, granted, but with a recent competitive market surge in 2016, bringing in a better standard of both written and video content, the time has never been more vital to focus on quality content for your brand.

So expect to see more fantastic content released in 2017, with quality and the audience at the forefront.

Augmented reality will be more than just a game

If Pokémon Go has taught us anything (besides the foolishness of playing a game while crossing the street), it was that the world is more than ready for augmented reality. Even in their wildest dreams, the creators and marketers behind 2016’s biggest game didn’t expect people to adapt to the concept so readily.

While the game itself was a novelty, the augmented reality experience was not. We fully expect to see AR become an integral component of larger companies’ digital marketing campaigns. Whether this is through creating new AR mediums or capitalising on AR apps that already exist in their chosen market remains to be seen but, rest assured, we have not seen the last of this.

Native advertising will finally have its day

Native advertisingThis is not a new concept and many brands have used it for years to great effect, but 2017 is the year when everyone will have a crack at it.

Consumers are more critical of traditional advertising in recent years and will quite often go to extreme lengths to avoid seeing it on their screens. But, when a piece of content is placed by a brand on a third party website in such a way as to add value to the user’s experience, it’s a win-win situation for all involved.

Digital marketers will spend a great deal of time this year using that high-quality content we spoke of earlier in native advertising campaigns. In fact, we might even see new forms of this type of advertising offered as major brands jump on the native bandwagon.

Video will kill the blogging star

As a digital marketing agency, we’re fully aware of the potential of video in digital marketing campaigns. For many marketers, it’s an ideal medium for targeting those who tend to react more to visual content. And in case you hadn’t noticed, this is pretty much everyone with a busy lifestyle with no time to read.

With this in mind, we expect to see video stars such as PewDiePie become the real influencers, leaving the former online stars, bloggers, in their wake. But it’s not just YouTube; Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories are growing so fast in popularity that they are now impossible to ignore and should be at the forefront of marketing campaigns.

Currently, brands are unable to sponsor live streaming on Facebook, but it’s only a matter of time before they mimic Twitter’s Periscope model and allow users to make money on their broadcasts.

Our final thoughts

Some influencers suggest that the entire digital marketing industry will experience a big shake up in 2017. We don’t think it will be quite so drastic. A realignment of focus towards video and social media shouldn’t ruffle too many feathers but, as for AR campaigns, getting it right may take more than a few attempts.

Whatever happens with augmented reality, this agency fully expects the digital industry to have an incredibly busy 2017.