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Croud’s Marginal Gains In Full Swing…3 min read

3 min read

In a fast and competitive environment such as the digital marketing world, anticipating the forever evolving technologies and trends requires a highly effective, adaptable and organised agency, such as Croud.

At Croud, we strive to consistently be the best at what we do and that requires dedication and hard work. We achieve this by adapting ourselves to productive theories, such as the marginal gains concept.

Some of you may have heard of the ‘marginal gains concept’, a term coined by Sir Dave Brailsford when he took on the British Cycling team as their coach. In a nutshell, the marginal gains concept is “the 1 percent margin for improvement in everything you do”. The principle is that, over-time, all of those small improvements add up and, before you know it, your performance has improved beyond recognition.

Croud has already started to re-invent digital performance with its unique use of freelancers and an effective internal team. Each of these is an important marginal gain for Croud’s long term progress.

Sir Brailsford stated that one should “focus on improving components that can significantly affect performance by just 1 percent”. Below, we have outlined how Croud, as a digital marketing agency, has implemented his idea.

  1. Croud is transparent to all of its clients: Our proprietary technology allows for complete visibility on what we’re working on at all times so that the client can see where and when the work is being carried out, which contributes to strengthening our client relationships.
  2. In order to do this, Croud is consistently developing new technologies to ensure our ever-expanding expertise and distribution on a global scale.
  3. Croud’s mission is to continue to roll out internal processes that enable our in-house experts to deliver exceptional results to our clients.
  4. Croud looks after its staff, taking care to create a friendly, stimulating and productive environment in all of our offices.
  5. Croud values all contributions, emphasising the team over the individual player.
  6. From croudies to the in-house experts, Croud delivers thorough and consistent development, ensuring its people remain in the business and are equipped with the right tools to deal with such a fast changing industry.
  7. Commitment + Ownership + Responsibility = Excellence. Croud only recruits people with an intrinsic drive towards achieving a goal.


These processes, working alongside all our croudies, contribute to the marginal gains result that we are striving for. Each step, each freelancer, and each in-house expert contributes a little to an overall stupendous improvement.

Our Progress with Clients

Our client, Moss Bros, joined Croud in July 2015. In the last quarter of 2016 alone, Croud managed to deliver a whopping 55% increase in revenue. We helped them achieve this by following a meticulous re-structure, which ensured that peak times were maximised through greater granularity, resulting in a 45% reduction of the COS.

For Moss Bros, tools such as YouTube were implemented to push the brand message to the right audience at the right time, following sophisticated re-marketing strategies based on behaviours and search profiles.

Secondly is our work with Interflora, who have been with Croud for the last three years. Through effective, meticulous account management, we have helped them to continuously improve their performance. Moreover, a strategic emphasis on developing non-brand performance has been discussed for 2016 and, so far, orders are up by 26% with a more efficient CPO.

In 2012, the British cycling team won 12 medals, 8 of which were Gold, and Brailsford went on to win the “Tour de France” with his champion Bradley Wiggins, all within 3 years. He credits this to the marginal gains theory.

At Croud, we are here to help our clients achieve their goals, just as Brailsford helped his cycling team, and with our own marginal gains, we are aiming for Gold medals all round.