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From Croudie To Croud3 min read

3 min read

Lauren, one of our PPC Account Executives, shares her rather unique journey to becoming a member of the Croud Team… 

My relationship with Croud began almost a year ago. I had just returned from a 12-month marketing placement year at Disney to the final year of my degree at Liverpool John Moores University. Although I quite enjoyed writing assignments and completing university work, on this rather dismal October day I was missing the structure and purpose of my internship, and by this point, I just wanted to crack on with my career.

This was the day Jonathan Beeston walked into our lecture theatre, introducing us to Croud. We had had a number of agencies come in and present to us by this point, but none of these particularly excited me enough to consider applying for their (all frankly very similar sounding) positions.

Jon talked us through the business model of Croud, and I was immediately absorbed. The idea of a global support network of digital marketing specialists excited me, and I wanted to know more about how I could be a part of it. Quite a few of my peers had come prepared with their CVs to hand into Jon. Unfortunately, as I hadn’t taken an interest in the previous 7 agency lectures I had left mine at home, although I did approach Jon to ask him for advice on my dissertation topic. Jon had left some little postcards advertising jobs on the network so I took one home and within a short period of time I had joined the network and became a Croudie.

Dedicated to getting a first, I was almost permanently camped out in the library with my coursework. But there was something about Croud that caused me to keep logging on mid-assignment to complete a Croud Academy course and once I had completed a few courses I started to receive PPC work. I learnt more about digital marketing through these academy courses and through completing these tasks, than I did during my degree.

I continued to work on the network, and towards the end of my degree, I started looking for full-time work. I went travelling for 6 weeks around Southeast Asia, and throughout my trip, I continued to complete tasks for Croud, and spent some time job searching (admittedly on a beach, with a cocktail in hand) and came back to an invitation to attend an interview at Croud’s Shrewsbury office. I managed to land myself a job as a PPC Account Exec on the SMB team and now 2 months in, I’m absolutely loving being part of the team!

I’ve never really been a part of a business that genuinely cares about its employees. Be it concerning personal development, continuous training, or allowing us to crack open a beer on a Friday afternoon; there is an undoubtable feeling of appreciation from all members of the team, which is truly great to be a part of.

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